Belle Week 43: Yur Week By Week Guide

Belle Week 43: Yur Week By Week Guide

Wen yur labour don late, yu no go fit do vaginal birth like yu been plan.

We know sey we don dey use fruits take compare yur pikin growth, but since we don reach belle week 43, make we no even go dia. If yu dey read dis article, yu go don dey wonda if yur pikin go eva come out! Yur pikin fit dey cozy inside belle, but weda he/she like am or not, he/she don ova stay him/her welcome.

Now, yur OBGYN go start to follow yu talk about  cesarean section or oda kine induced labour to help move things along.

Belle Week 43: Yur Pikin Development

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Inside dis weekli belle guide, yu go sabi sey:

  • Just becos yur pikin neva wan commot for belle, no mean say, make yu no dey count fetal kicks again. Plenti space fit no dey for am to move, but sometimes, yur pikin go still move small make he/she fit dey comfortable.
  • Di more time wen yur pikin dey inside belle, di more weight he go dey add, so yu go come born pikin wen big. C-section no come sound like bad idea at all.
  • Di biggest concern wen late deliveri get na sey di work of di placenta go reduce and di amount of amniotic fluid go reduce sef. Becos of dis, enuf oxygen and nutrient fit no reach yur pikin. Di risk fit also dey make di umbilical cord compress wen fit cause complication for yur pikin.

Belle Symptoms

pregnancy week 43

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  • Na so yu go dey waddle till yu don born. Yu go still even dey get heartburn,yu go piss plenti. You go get pains for yur pelvic, back pains, and yur bodi go retain water.
  • To get decent night’s rest fit dey hard becos of di size of yur belle and di strain for yur lower back. But try rest. Yu go need am wen yu don born.

Belle Care

  • Make sure sey efiri thing dey inside yur hospital bag becos by now, yur doktor go don arrange date for c-section.In between, yu fit try oda natural methods wen go induce labour.
  • For mamas wen been dey hope for vaginal birth, no worri yursef about am. Some things just dey beyond yur control. If yu get any question, follow yur doktor talk.

Belle Week 43: Yur Week By Week Guide

Yur Checklist

  • Do yur last minute check for yur hospital bag. Prepare to see yur pikin soon!

No allow wetin yu read for dis belle guide worri yu. Yur EDD na just rough estimate of wen yur pikin go dey due. If if yu no go do vaginal birth like yu been want, dey count dat fetal kicks. yur doktor go dey dia to guide yu. So make yu dey hopeful and positive!

Reference: Mayo Clinic

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Yu get any question about dis week by week belle guide?Which concerns no dey make yu sleep well? No forget to drop yur comment for di section unda!


Translated By Anino Aganbi

Written by

Anino Aganbi