Belle Wen Dey Week 8: Yur Week By Week Guide

Belle Wen Dey Week 8: Yur Week By Week Guide

Your baby can start saying goodbye to that primitive tail and hello to primitive neural pathways! As for you, your sense of smell is heightened and you may be feeling fatigue and nauseated. Don't worry, though, as it will get better!

Yu dey quick tire, Breasts dey swell, and d way wen yu take dey perceive something don increase…plenti things don change, (some dey welcome while odas no dey welcome) wen dey happen for yur bodi inside dis belle week 8. Yu fit neva feel am, but yur active pikin don dey undergo big changes.

pregnancy week 8

How Yur Pikin Take Big Reach: Belle Week 8?

For inside dis week, yur pikin wen dey him final week as embryo don grow from  1.6cm to 2.2cm, meanwhile he don gain mass from 1.6g to 1.8g. Dat na d size of wetin dem call Bengal currant (scientific name: Carissa carandas).

pregnancy week 8

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Yur Pikin Development

Inside dis week by week belle guide, you go sabi sey:

  • Even if yu still get some time before yu start to feel yur pikin dey move, yur pikin don already dey active and e get plenti things wen he fit do now like to flex him wrists.
  • E facial  features don dey more defined. D ears, upper lip, tip of nose don dey visible by now.
  • Fingers and toes wen just dey come out dey webbed small.
  • Yur pikin fit still tiny for yur belle, but he tastebud don dey form by now.
  • Yur pikin tadpole-like tail don dey disappear by belle week 8.
Symptoms Sey Yu Get Belle
  • De hormones wen dey yur bodi go don increase d way wen yu dey take smell something. Yu go discover sey e get some smell wen yu go get strong dislike for.
  • Oda parts of yur bodi fit neva show sey yu get belle, but yur breasts go don dey show sign. Dem don dey big and heavy becos d thing wen dey produce milk inside yur bodi don dey expand.
  • Yu  fit still dey feel tired and yu go one vomit.
  • Yu don start to feel early belle cramps. D ligaments wen dey yur belle don dey stretch becos yur uterus don dey expand.
  • Yu go don dey experience belle issues. Dis one na common thing, so make yu no too worry about ingestion, constipation, bloating, or even heartburn wahala.  But make yu still dey careful, if yu still dey uncomfortable, make yu call yur doktor.
  • Anoda thing wen dey happen be sey d amount of blood wen dey circulate inside yur bodi don increase. By d time yu ready to born, yu go get extra litre and a half of blood inside yur body.
Care Of Belle
  • Even though yu get little or no appetite, make yu try eat right and healthy. With d way wen d pikin dey take grow, una two need all d nourishment wen una fit get.
  • One of d most important thing wen yu fit learn inside dis week by week belle guide na make yu take enuf calcuim. Also make yu remember to take Vitamin D join.
Belle Wen Dey Week 8: Yur Week By Week Guide
Your Checklist
  • By now, yu suppose don start to dey look infant care, especially as  long waiting list dey.
  • Dis no be d time to start to do prenatal yoga or to start some kind  medication. Remember sey , e dey very important make yu relax. No go stress yurself out.
  • Yu fit see need to cancel some of yur plans to take travel becos of fatigue and nausea.  So for yu to fit cheer yurself up, make yu start to plan yur baby moon ahead of time.

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