Belle Week 9: Yur Week by Week Guide

Belle Week 9: Yur Week by Week Guide

Your baby can now make tiny movements, thanks to the equally tiny muscles on his/her hands and feet. As for you, loss of appetite may lead to weight loss, though you may need loose-fitting clothes thanks to your ever-expanding belly.

Yur pikin don officially become foetus, but e still too early to feel any of him movements. Make yu believe us sey yur pikin dey veri active inside yur womb mama. Meanwhile mama, yu still dey fight with morning sickness and mood swings. Make yu continue to read to sabi more about d kind changes and developments both yu and yur pikin dey experience for dis  belle week 9.

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How Yur Pikin Take Big Reach: Belle Week 9

Yur pikin don be d size of longan fruit, he don dey  2.3-3 centimetres for length and he dey weigh 1.9-3.5 grams.

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Yur Pikin Development For Belle Week 9

For inside dis week by week guide, yu go learn say :

  • Yur  smally no be embryo again, he don turn foetus-na pikin wen dey live,breathe and grow na im dey inside yur belle so.
  • Him facial features don sharp sharp dey form. He no come resemble tadpole again, he don dey resemble persin. Him head and neck don dey show for scan.
  • Yu go fit hear yur pikin heartbeat thru ultrasound scan. By now, him heart go don divide finish for d four chambers and d valves dem don dey form.
  • Oda organs like him liver and spleen don dey develop.
  • Nipples and hair follicles don start to dey form.
  • D embryonic tail wen dey d bottom of d spinal cord don disappear by dis time.
  • Dem fit catch dis smally for action during scan wen he dey move him hand and leg. But e still dey too early for yu to feel any movement yet.
Symptoms sey yu get belle
  • Yu fit get morning sickness from morning till night. D person wen name am “morning sickness” no just get am correct. Some of us dey sail through no get am. (Yu get luck0. But make yu take heart, e get ways wen dem dey take beat d nausea.
  • Yu dey quick tire, back dey pain yu, yu no fit focus, yu no just get appetite, or yu fit even lose weight( Yes e dey possible). All dese fit don take ova as yur bodi dey adjust to d new pikin wen dey grow inside yu.
  • Yur mood swings go don enta full gear for belle week 9.

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Care of Belle
  • Yur gynaecologist fit prescribe prenatal vitamins like folate and multivitamins for yu to help yur bodi cope with all d additional nourishment wen yur pikin need for belle. One of d best ways wen yu go fit take dis week by week belle guide na to eat small frequent  healthy meals instead of three heavy meals, so e go dey easy for yur belle.
  • E fit no get taste, but water na one very important key wen go help yu stay hydrated, especially if yu still dey vomit. Drink juices if water dey nauseate yu or make yu go for healthy soup or isotonic drinks wen go help yu replenish electrolytes wen yu don lose. If nausea dey very serious, make yu tell yur doktor. Wen na dehydration happen, dem go put d patient for drip, so make we stay water balanced.
Yur Checklist
  • Yur belle fit dey swell but dat one dey normal. Wear clothes wen dey lose fitting if yur normal trousers don dey fall go yur waist. Go buy new clothes if yu see d need, dat one fit be d best therapy wen go keep some kind discomforts wen yu dey feel away.
  • If yu dey work make yu start to think of maternity leave. Check yur company handbook to know d policy.

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