Belle Wen Dey Week 4: Yur Week By Week guide

Belle Wen Dey Week 4: Yur Week By Week guide

Your baby will now start developing organs, which will also start functioning. As for you, you will need to avoid certain beverages and food upon the confirmation of your pregnancy.

Mama, e get plenti things wen don dey happen with d foetus wen dey grow inside yu by now! Here na d week by week guide for belle wen dey week 4.

belle wen dey week 4

Belle Wen Dey Week 4: How Yur Pikin Take Big Reach?

Na dis week mark d start of d embryomic period of yur pikin even if yur pikin still dey tiny. eE dey around 1mm and weigh around 0.1g, d size of  poppy seed.

belle wen dey week 4

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Yur pikin development for belle wen dey week 4

  • Yur amniotic sac don dey available for belle wen dey week 4. Na here go be yur pikin house till time to born don reach. De yolk sac wen go produce yur pikin red blood cells dem don dey ready. Na dis yolk sac dey responsible to feed am all d nutrients wen he need till d placenta don dey fully developed, den e fit take ova dis function.
  • Na now be d start of major activities for am. For now, til d first six weeks, all him organs go start to develop (some go don even start to dey function)
Symptom sey yu get belle
  • Yu go don take test to confirm weda yu get  belle or not- make yu know say no be everi woman dey know as e take early so. For results wen dey more accurate, e betta make yu wait for one week afta yu don do ur period finish.
  • Yu fit neva start to feel different yet, but make yu prepare yurself. Morning sickness wen go hit yu any time soon.
  • Yur bodi fit don dey big for some parts becos of hormones or d way wen yur progesterone take increase.
  • Dere fit be mild cramp and small bleeding. Dis na becos yur pikin dey move up d fallopian tube and he dey implant him/herself for yur uterus wall.
  • Yur hormone wen dey fluctuate fit cause mood swing for yu.
Care of Belle

belle wen dey week 4

  • Once yu confirm say yu get belle, stop to dey smoke and make yu reduce d way wen yu dey take alchohol and caffeine.
  • Make yu avoid soft cheese wen dey unpasteurised like camembert and brie, meat wen no don well and soft boiled egg make yu for fit avoid e-coli and salmonella infections.
  • No chop fish wen get high mercury level like shark,swordfish and king mackerel.

Your Checklist

Your next week: 5 weeks pregnant

Your previous week: 1-3 weeks pregnant

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