Belle Wen Dey Week 6: Week by week guide

Belle Wen Dey Week 6: Week by week guide

Your baby's heart beats 150 times per minute, hands still resemble paddles, and ears are nothing but depressions on either side of the head. As for you, you may be feeling lethargic. Welcome this as a sign that your baby's growth is right on track.

Na wa o. See as time dey take fly! E don reach week 6 since yu carry belle. By now, yu fit don dey show  signs sey yu carry belle. Make we look Belle wen don dey week 6 well.


pregnancy week 6

How Yur Pikin Take Big Reach?

Dis yur sweet pea don big reach pea! For d beginning of week 6, yur smally na 0.3cm long and and him weigh 0.4 grams; by d end of d week, he/she go don grow three times pass as he be before for length to 0.9cm and two times him weight to 0.8g.

Yur Pikin Development:Belle wen dey Week 6

Inside dis week by week belle guide for week 6, yu go dey happy to learn sey:

  • Yur pikin heart don dey beat give regular rhythm of 150 times a minute. Dis heart rate, wen dey times two of average adult go continue till yu born. Just imagine all d things wen yur pikin dey do inside yur belle!
  • No be just sey d heart dey pump plenti blood, yur pikin blood circulatory system don dey grow sophisticated pass as e dey before.
  • Yur don dey prepare make e no resemble tadpole again. D part wen d face dey don dey develop and yu go see dark spot wia d eye and nose suppose dey. D ear for now just be like sey dem just press d side of d head enta small.
  • Even though d limbs still small, yur pikin go don dey wiggle inside belle.
  • Now yur pikin na d size of rice grain
Symptom sey yu get belle.
  • Yu fit just dey come to terms with d realisation sey yu get belle. Some emotional moments fit dey wen yu no even expect. E dey okay if yu feel ovawelmed.
  • Yu fit start to develop personality of  Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde.Yu go dey get mood swings wen na d way wen yur hormones dey take change cause am.
  • Yu go dey feel exhausted and lethargic—dis dey normal. Na becos yur bodi dey do plenti work to make sure sey yur pikin development dey on track.
  • Anoda surprise wen yu go sabi from dis week by week belle guide na sey once yur morning sickness don start, e no dey restricted to morning alone. Yu fit be among one of d few unlucky ones wen go spend d whole day dey vomit for toilet.
  • Yur breasts go don dey full dey wait wen yu go breastfeed. Dem go start to feel sore.

Care for belle

belle wen dey week 6

  • Yu need to start to improve yur muscle control wen yu do Kegel exercise plenti times evri day.
  • Now fit no be time wen yu go dey worri about yur weight but e go help if yu change yur diet small. Divide yur food to small portions wen yu fit eat for d whole day.
Your Checklist
  • If yu don alreadi get exercise wen yu been dey do, think how yu go fit change am small to fit accommodate d belle wen yu get so. Follow yur doktor discuss yur routine, make you make sure sey yu no dey do activities wen fit dey harmful to yur belle.
  • No forget to write down any question wen yu get. Yur first appointment with yur gynaecologist go be d best time to take ask any question wen yu get.

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Anino Aganbi