Belle Wen Dey Week 7: Yur week by week guide

Belle Wen Dey Week 7: Yur week by week guide

Your baby may be small, but his/her brain is growing at an incredible pace, generating a hundred new brain cells every minute! As for you, morning sickness continues and food cravings may not dictate your diet.

Yu don nearly dey half way thru yur second month of belle! Now, no be onli sey yu dey get d  symptoms, but yu don dey see am join.  Read on to know wetin yu and yur pikin go dey experience for yur belle wen dey week 7 so.

Belle wen dey week 7

How Yur Pikin Don Big Reach?

Yur pikin don almost double him size from last week come!By now yur pikin wen be 1.3-1.6 centimetres and dey weigh 0.9-1.4 grams, don nearli big reach wetin dem dey call aratiliswen dem dey call Singapore cherry(scientific name na: Muntingia calabura). Sign sey dat yur belle wen dey week 7 dey on track.!


Belle wen dey week 7

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Yur Pikin Development

Inside dis week by week belle guide, yu go sabi sey:

  • Yur pikin growth na helele! By now, yur pikin don dey generate one hundred new brain cells per minute.
  • D brain and heart don dey more complex pass before. Yur pikin permanent kidney don dey develop.
  • For now, d bone marrow neva form, so na d liver dey release large amount of red blood cells.
  • Hands and feet don dey grow, although dem still resemble paddle. Also d joint for d arm and legs don start to dey form.
  • Teeth and palate don dey form.
  • Ears kontinue to develop join.
  • Yur pikin skin dey thin well well. Na im make him vein dey visible so.
Symptoms sey yu get belle
  • Yur uterus don dey times two for am to fit accommodate yur pikin wen dey grow so. Dis one go come mean sey yu go dey get urge to piss plenti.
  • You face fit start to dey change becos of yur hormones. Change of yur complexion dey very common and yur skin fit change from oily to dry and d dry to oily.
  • Varicose veins fit start to show becos of d way wen blood flow take increase.
  • D urge to vomit go be unwelcome visitor.
  • Yur craving for food go start.

Belle Wen Dey Week 7: Yur week by week guide

Care of belle
Your Checklist
  • By dis time, e go dey betta if yu start to wear clothes wen loose small- yu go don dey add weight, so yur regular clothes go don tight.
  • Dis na d best time to start to use pictures take document d growth of yur pikin.

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Anino Aganbi