Belle wen dey weeks 1-3: Yur week by week guide

Belle wen dey weeks 1-3: Yur week by week  guide

Did you know that during weeks 1-2 you're officially not pregnant yet? Read on to know more about other amazing changes that are occurring in your body and your baby right now.

Congratulations, Mama! Yur day don reach o. Yu dey worry about wetin dey happen for yur belle for d initial weeks wen yu take conceive so? See yur guide for belle wen dey weeks 1-3 here .

belle wen dey weeks 1-3

Belle Wen Dey Weeks 1-3: How Yur Pikin Take Big Reach?

For weeks 1-2, yur pikin just be like dot for yur eye because d belle neva manifest yet.  By week 3, yur embryo don show, but e small well well.

pregnancy weeks 1-3

 Yur pikin development
  • During weeks 1-2, yu neva get belle but yur bodi don dey prepare to ovulate. Yur uterus don dey ready to accept yur egg wen don fertilise.
  • By week 3, things don dey happen. Yur egg wen dey fertilised don dey move near yur womb along yur fallopian tube.
  • By d time wen yur egg don reach yur womb, e go don turn mass of ova 100 cells and dem go fit call am embryo.
  • Once e don enta yur womb, yur small embryo go don dig enta inside d lining of your uterus. Na dis process dem dey call implantation.

belle wen dey weeks 1-3

 Symptoms in weeks 1-3 sey yu get belle
  • Yu neva officially get belle during weeks 1-2, and yu go don start to see yur last period.  For dese weeks, you go dey shed d linings wen dey yur uterus together with last month egg wen no fertilise. Yu  don dey ready for d starting point of yur belle.
  • Once yur period don finish, yu fit notice sey yur cervical mucus dey change for consistency and colour. E dey go from thick, sticky and creamy, to thin, gooey and e dey increase as d correct time for conception dey draw near.
  • Towards d end of week 3 as yur embryo dey implant inside yur uterine lining, yu fit notice small bit of spotting,wen dem call  “implantation bleeding”.
  • Yu go notice sey yur breasts dey tender and dem swell, pas as dem be before yur period.
  • Yu fit dey tire pass before.
  • D way wen yu take dey perceive something go increase. No dey surprised if dat perfume wen yu ova like no come dey smell nice again.
  • If yu been don dey chart yur basal body temperature, yu go notice sey e dey high.
  • Some home pregnancy test wen dey sensitive fit show positive for dis time.

belle wen dey weeks 1-3

Belle Care: Weeks 1-3
  • If yu neva start to take prenatal vitamin, now na betta time to take start.
  • Stop to dey drink and smoke. eat betta food, drink like eight glasses of water every day.
  • To make sure sey ur pikin wen neva conceive yet brain and spinal cord develop well, start to take 400 micrograms of folic acid everi day.
  • Reduce d way wen yu dey take caffeine, as caffeine dey affect fertility negatively.

Yur Checklist

  • Check say yur chickenpox and rubella vaccinations dey up-to-date well on time.  If not, yur doktor fit advise yu make yu go get dem before yu get belle.
  • If yu neva follow yur doktor get preconception appointment yet, now na d best time to do am.  Yu go learn about lifestyle, genetic, and environmental hazards wen fit get impact for yur fertility and baby matter.
  • For dis appointment, follow yur doktor discuss which kind exercise yu fit do, yur diet and d kind prenatal vitamins wen dey ok for yu.
  • Weda na herbal yu dey take, prescription or yu go pharmarcy go buy medicine ova d counter, follow yur doktor talk sey e dey safe make yu take dem for dis kind period wen yu dey try conceive or dey d beginning of yur belle.

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Reference: American Pregnancy Association

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