How To Cope With Belle Wen Yu Don Pass 35

How To Cope With Belle Wen Yu Don Pass 35

As women dey reach dia thirties, dia fertiliti rate dey reduce. Na im make woman wen don reach 35 fit get complications wen she wan born.

To get belle wen yu don pass 35 no be easi thing o. By di time woman don reach mid thirties, ovulation dey reduce and di size of di eggs dey reduce join. With di way wen ovulation dey change, plenti hormones fit change too.

Di numba of healthy eggs wen suppose ovulate fit reduce becos e no dey safe make woman get belle afta she don pass 35.

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Wetin Fit Happen If Yu Get Belle Wen Yu Don Pass 35?

Risks wen come with di age

Na true sey medicine don advance and some women wen don pass 35 dey get safe belle. But e good make we sabi sey risk plenti wen woman no quick born and di way wen yu go get healthi belle and healthi pikin dey reduce as yu dey old.

Science talk sey women wen dey born for dia thirties get high chance to born pikin wen get medical defect.  E fit be becos, as woman dey old, di egg dey divide for way wen no dey normal.

Oda wahala fit come up

How To Cope With Belle Wen Yu Don Pass 35

Wen yu dey dis age, di chances sey yu fit get high bp and diabetes dey high. Na im make women wen don pass 30 dey at risk.

If yu get belle wen yu don pass 35, e good make yu dey always go hospital for prenatal checkup.

E dey common make woman wen get belle wen don pass 35, get pikin wen die before dem born am.Women wen dey olda, fit born pikin wen no go get weight. And  Cesarean section dey common for woman wen just dey born afta 35.

How To Cope With Belle Wen Yu Don Pass 35

E dey good make woman dey always go see doktor for consultation. Na all dese test results na im go fit show weda mama get any sickness wen go affect her health and di pikin own.

And e dey advisable make yu go do wide screening test before yu carri belle.

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