Best body pillow for pregnancy

Best body pillow for pregnancy

You can have a much easier pregnancy if you know how to get the best body pillow for pregnancy. Pregnancy is exhausting enough on its own, so you need every help you can get.

First, you have to adapt to a life growing inside you. You now have to deal with nausea, fatigue, aches and pains, as well as the anxiety that comes from wondering if it will all end well for you and the baby. To top it off, you now have to deal with pregnancy sleep disturbance.

Finding the best body pillow for pregnancy seems like such a small thing, but if you’ve ever stayed awake all night because you had to deal with your bump getting in the way of a sound sleep, then you will surely appreciate finding a great pillow.

best body pillow for pregnancy
Here is a list of the best body pillow for pregnancy:

The Narrow Sleep Body Pillow by Mother Care

This long body pillow is a good fit for pregnant women of all heights. You can never be too tall or short for this body pillow. It is long enough to accommodate all women but it will not be longer than your bed!
If you’re looking to find the best body pillow for pregnancy to support your hips, belly and legs, this is the pillow to go for!

Babymoov Dream Belt by Jojo Maman Bebe

The Babymoov Dream Belt slides effortlessly over your skin or your nightwear! It has an adjustable Velcro belt to accommodate your growing bump, so feel free to loosen it up as your belly expands.
The cotton panel can stretch to accommodate your bump, and the memory foam at the sides ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. If you’re often on the move, you can easily take this body pillow wherever you go. This gorgeous pillow deserves its spot on the list of the best body pillow for pregnancy.

Dreamgnii Maternity and Nursing Pillow by John Lewis & Partners

This is a super-comfortable body pillow for all stages of pregnancy! You will not need to roll over or readjust when you use it. The Dreamgenii has been in the market since 2015, and it continues to make the list of amazing body pillows.
You will not get swallowed by this amazing pillow because it is just the right size. So, strap in and enjoy a well-deserved sound sleep!

Slumber Down V-Shape Pillow by Asda
This body pillow is great for its price. It is very affordable, but it does a great job of supporting your body. Are you looking for a pillow that offers additional neck and back support especially during breastfeeding? Then you should get the V-shape pillow by Asda. For those who spend long hours sitting on the bed, this pillow is a must-have!

It might not look long enough to support your bump, but it works! There is no need to buy pillowcases for the V-shape because it comes with two beautiful pillowcases.

best body pillow for pregnancy
Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow by Mama and Papa

This pillow provides unrivaled support for your neck, back, bump and shoulders. It also works excellently as a breastfeeding support pillow. The stuffing is so well done that you shouldn’t expect your pillow to grow lumpy over time. It is made with soft, durable materials to give you the luxurious support you deserve. Pregnancy doesn’t mean the end of side sleeping, as this pillow will help you get a blissful night rest

Chicco Boppy Bump and Back Pillow by Kiddies Kingdom

Are you a busy momma-to-be looking for a great pillow that can travel everywhere you go? Then add this amazing support pillow to your list of the best body pillow for pregnancy.
It is lightweight enough to be portable, but make no mistakes, this will provide adequate support for your legs and knees, too. Moms with bigger bumps and more advanced pregnancies will love the firm support this pillow offers.

Little Chick 4-in-1 Support Pillow by Amazon

This wedge support pillow does wonders for your body and your sleep cycle. It is great for your bump during your pregnancy and excellent for the back of your legs once your baby is here. This cute pillow ranks high as one of the best body pillow for pregnancy.

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