Best Cream For Brown Skin Tone: Quality Skincare Products For Your Family

Best Cream For Brown Skin Tone: Quality Skincare Products For Your Family

These are some of the tried and tested top-quality brands for dark-skinned families in Nigeria.

The African skin is quite obviously different from that of other races. This is why using just any cream, or one created with Caucasians in mind doesn't augur very well for the skin. With more Nigerians choosing to stay away from hydroquinone, kojic acid and other skin lightening chemicals, the looming question is: what is the best cream for brown skin tone in Nigeria?

Interestingly, dark-skinned people generally prefer shea butter and cocoa butter as their skincare regimen. Not surprisingly, our great grandmothers also treasured she butter (Ori), which has over the centuries become an essential commodity in the world of black skincare today. Together, let's explore the best cream for brown skin tone. No matter the colour, your skin is one of the beauties that Mother Nature gave you, so you need to take care of it. Here's a list of some creams that are great for your dark skin.

Check Out Some Of The Best Creams For Brown Skin That Ladies Swear By

Dermatological E-45

best cream for dark skin tone

It is one of the best selling moisturisers in the UK. This cream heals extremely dry skin. The producers have created two variations of this skincare brand, both of which keep your skin soft. There's the thick cream and the lotion. One remarkable thing about the product is every member of your family can use it, including the children. It has no artificial fragrance and it's a non-greasy formula. That's why it is named one of the best creams for dark skin tone.


Best Cream For Brown Skin Tone: Quality Skincare Products For Your Family

This product was specially formulated for your dark skin. If you’re looking for a great body cream for chocolate skin, you can definitely find it in Nyraju’s lineup of face and body products. Apart from creams, there are also scrubs, stretch mark and spot treatments, masks, and everything it takes to highlight your melanin.

Nivea Naturally Even

best cream for dark skin tone

This lotion, enriched with Vitamin E and double UV filters, will reduce irregular pigmentation. It will also restore your skin's natural even tone. You'll also be able to combat ageing caused by lightening. The Nivea brand is pocket-friendly and a true favourite of dark-skinned people.

Best cream for brown skin: Aveeno Daily Moisturizing

best cream for dark skin tone

This is a moisturizing lotion that has been clinically shown to moisturize for 24 hours. It contains natural colloidal oats and shea butter. It relieves your itchy dry skin and that is perhaps why it is endeared to many. Its non- greasy formula and no fragrance will make your skincare therapy pleasant and lovely.

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter

best creams for dark skintone

Shea butter is a natural source of antioxidants and vitamins. Nigerians trust the Body Shop for its commitment to natural, ethically produced skin care products, and so should you. So for those who won't use shea butter on their skin, shea body butter is the next best thing. It is baby friendly as well.

Ambi Soft & Even Creamy Oil

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You'll find that this product has received rave reviews for its unique blend of natural ingredients: shea butter, for softer skin and olive oil, for instant relief for dry skin. The Johnson & Johnson brand is highly respected all over the world and promises you healthy radiant skin. Not just for you, but for your children too.

Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturizer

Best Cream For Brown Skin Tone: Quality Skincare Products For Your Family

You'll find it proudly stated on the bottle that this lotion is blended with pure African shea butter. Jergens is a brand that's been popular in Nigeria for years, but when it comes to rejuvenating the skin so that it glows, shea butter takes the cake. So, that's a win for Jergens Shea Butter. What is more, your whole family can use it.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula

cream for chocolate skin


Apart from its delicious fragrance, this lotion also contains Vitamin E. This why a lot of people love it, and you might too. Vitamin E protects your skin from oxidization. Many people who use it say they have used it since they were kids! Wow! No wonder it is also on the list of best creams for brown skin.

3 Things You Should Do Daily To Keep Your Dark Skin Healthy

  •  Cleansing. It is important to wash your skin with water every day.
  • Hydrating. Your skin consists of derma which is 70% water and epidermis (15%). You should moisturize your skin always, and very well. You can also use a moisturizing mask and thermal water.
  • Nourishing. Your skin, like your whole body, constantly needs vitamins and minerals. You're actually helping your skin when you nourish it.

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