Your Guide To The Best Gyms in Lagos

Your Guide To The Best Gyms in Lagos

The older we grow, a healthy lifestyle of nutrition and fitness is required to keep us in great shape. One of the best ways to keep fit is by visiting a gym. Lagos is home to some of the most assiduous people in the world. Just like the night life, fitness is a huge part of the lifestyle in Lagos. It is therefore no wonder that gyms are  constantly springing up all over the metropolis. Whether you're in search of affordable gym membership, a close enough location to work and home or specific workout services, Lagos has just the place for you. To help you choose, we have put together a list of some of the best gyms in Lagos.

How To Identify The Best Gyms In Lagos

  1. Location is very key. Is it big? How close is it to your work or home Is it spacious? These are all questions you'll need to answer.
  2. Safety. Great gyms are security-conscious and take steps to protect members.
  3. Top-notch equipment. You're there to use their equipment, it should follow that the equipment is worth using.
  4. Professional personal trainers and highly skilled staff.
  5. Extra services like group fitness classes
  6. Cleanliness

Checkout Some of the Best Gyms In Lagos!

best gyms in Lagos

  • Proflex Fitness Centre

    This is a famous franchise across the world that opened up in Nigeria. The major pride of Proflex Fitness Center is its Aerobics Unit comprising the largest weight training section manned with professional trainers. It is located at Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Victoria Island, Lagos. It boasts of various facilities such swimming pool, a squash court and spacious gym facility. They offer classes in yoga, aerobics and spinning and are a member-only center.

  • Paslim

    They are located in the exclusive GRA area of Ikeja and offer Aerobics and strength training. The environment is great and the trainers are very courteous. The are a very popular gym within the Ikeja environ and in Lagos.

  • Lotus Gym

    The gym is also located in Victoria Island. One good thing they do is help in planning your diet as well as weight loss program. They are also affordable as membership is from N10, 000.

  • Admiralty Towers Gym and Pool:

    This gym is located in Ikoyi (Gerard Street), it is a member only center and have loads of equipment to help shape the body up.

  • Ikoyi Club Gym

    If you would prefer to gym and then network on business opportunities, one of the best places to get it done is Ikoyi Club. Though a member only club, members can bring in guests at a fee. Joining the club is about N1, 000, 000 and lots of benefits are attached to registration.

See More Of The Best Gyms In Lagos

best gyms in Lagos

  • Banex Fitness Center

    This gym is located within Banex Hotels and Suites at the central spot of Maryland in Lagos. The gym is opened to guest and members from outside and a variety of equipment from cardio to strength building are available for use.

  • Bodyline Fitness and Gym: This gym is also located in Ikoyi, but has a branch in Abuja. They have affordable membership (from N15, 000 to N20, 000) and personalized instructors. Non members can also pay per day to use their equipment.
  • Team 5 Gym: Thy organize both individual and group classes on yoga and dance. Most of their equipment are from Technogym, a world leader in gym equipment. They have extremely motivated and friendly instructors and are located at Ojodu Berger in Lagos.
  • Shape Fitness Centre: They have a spa for body toning and relaxation as well, after a go at it in the gym. Located within the peaceful Mende axis of Lagos, their well-equipped gym is a delight to have a work out in. As their name suggests, they aim to help you get fit and stay in shape, it won’t be a bad idea to let them!

Regardless of whatever gym you choose, high brow or classic in appearance, dedication and discipline is needed to get the expected results out from these visits to the gym.






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