The Best Igbo Names For Your Baby Boy

The Best Igbo Names For Your Baby Boy

Are you looking for symbolic names for your baby boy? Read this article.

One of the wonderful things about Igbo names is that there are so many ways to essentially say the same thing. This is a good thing for parents looking to pack meaning and uniqueness into their child's name. With simplicity, uniqueness and diversity in mind, we bring you a compilation of the best Igbo names for your baby boy and their meanings.

Best Igbo names for your baby boy

Like most tribes in Africa, Igbos rely heavily on the circumstances surrounding childbirth for the naming of their child. There's also the fact that Igbos are a religious and traditional group, which explains why most of their names carry “Chukwu,” either in full or short form.

Names from A-I

igbo names for baby boys

1. Adimchimkpa: I am important to my God.
2. Achike - Give praise to the Lord.
3. Akaolisa: The hand of God.
4. Akuabata: Wealth has come.
5. Anelechi: Looking onto God.
6. Arinzechukwu: By the grace of God.
7. Ahizechukwu: By the grace of God.
8. Anyalewechi: Let your eyes look onto God.
9. Akannam: My Father’s hand.
10. Anayochi: Requesting from God.
11. Akunna: Father's wealth.
12. Ahamefula: May my name not be lost.
13. Ahaoma: Good name.
14. Akachi: God’s hand.
15. Amarachi: God’s grace.

1. Berechi: Cry to God.
2. Bugarachukwuekene: Carry thanks to God.
3. Bunkechukwu: Belongs to God.
4. Beluolisa: If not for God.

1. Chibueze: God is a king.
2. Chetachi: Remember God.
3. Cheluchi: Wait for God.
4. Cherechi: Wait for God too.
5. Chiagozie: God has blessed.
6. Chibuike: God is strength.
7. Chialuka: God has done a great work.
8. Chibugo: God is my glory.
9. Chibuisi: God is head.
10. Chidindu: God is alive.
11. Chukwuebuka: God is mighty.
12. Chibuikem: God is my strength.

1. Daluolisa: Thank you God.
2. Daberechi: Lean onto God
3. Diarachukwundu: Live for God.

1. Eberendu: Life’s mercy
2. Ejikeme: It's not by power.
3. Ekwueme: One who says and does.
4. Echezonanna: Do not forget your God.
5. Ekelemchi: I thank God.
6. Ekperechi: Prayer to God.
7. Ezeakachi: The king is not greater than God.
8. Eziamaka: The family home is good.
9. Ezeudo: King of peace.
10. Egwuchukwunatum: I am in awe of God.

1. Fesochukwu: Worship only God.

1. Golibe: Rejoice.
2. Gosifechukwu: Show the light of God to all.

1. Ifeanyichukwu: Nothing is big for God.
2. Ibekwe: If the mates agree.
3. Ifesinachi: Things are from God.
4. Igwebuike: Unity is strength.
5. Ihunna: The face of the father.
6. Ihuoma: Good fortune.
7. Ikechukwu: The strength of God.
8. Ikenna: The strength of the father.
9. Ikeobi: The strength of the family home.
10. Isioma: Good head too.

More symbolic names for your babies

Names from J-Z

igbo boy baby names

1. Jachike: Praise God.
2. Jidenna: Hold the father.
3. Jideofo: Keep your hands clean.
4. Jigidemaka: God hold me tight.

1. Kamsiyochukwu: As I have asked God.
2. Kosisochi: As it pleases God.
3. Kainelechi: Let’s look onto God.
4. Kanyitochukwu: Let’s praise God.
5. Kanayochi: Let’s request of God.
6. Kenechukwu: Praise God.
7. Kosaluchi: Tell it to God.

1. Lotachi: Remember God
2. Lotenna: Remember your father
3. Lewechi: Look onto God

1. Maduka: People are worth more than riches.
2. Maduforo: We have people.
3. Madukaego: A Person is greater than money.
4. Marachi: Know God.
5. Munachimso: Walking with the Lord.

1. Ndubuaku: Life is wealth
2. Ndubueze: Life is King
3. Ndubuisi: Life is first
4. Ndudi: When there is life
5. Ndukauba: Life is greater than wealth
6. Ndulaka: Life has the say
7. Nkemjika: What I have is greater
8. Nnabugo: Father’s glory
9. Nnaemeka: Father has done great.
10. Nnadozie: Father repairs.
11. Nnamdi: My father is
12. Nzubechi: Will of God

1. Ogemdi: I have my time.
2. Okeahialam: Let my share not pass me by.
3. Okechukwu: Share from God.
4. Okezie: God created well.
5. Onyekachi: Who is greater than God.
6. Onyemachi: Who knows God.
7. Onyemaechi: Who knows tomorrow.
8. Osinachi: From God.
9. Ositadinma: From today, it is well.
10. Ozioma: Gospel/Good news.
11. Ozobia: Let another come.

baby names

1. Soludo: Follow peace
2. Somadina - Let me not be alone
3. Somtochukwu - Follow me and praise God

1. Tochukwu: Praise God.
2. Tobenna: Praise the Father.
3. Tonna: Praise the Father.

1. Uchenna: The will of the father.
2. Uchechukwu: The will of God.
3. Ucheoma: Goodwill.
4. Udochukwu: Peace of God.
5. Udoka: Peace is greater.
6. Ulonna: The Father’s house.
7. Ugochukwu: The glory of God.
8. Ugonna: The glory of the father.
9. Ugonnatuwerem: The glory given to me by my father.
10. Uwabunkeonye: Whose own is the world.
11. Uzochi: God’s way.
12. Uzodinma: When the road or path is good.
13. Uzoma: Good path.

1. Zimuzo: Show me the way.
2. Zimife: Show me the light.
3. Zamekpere: Answer my prayers.
4. Zimchikachim: Show me a god who is greater than my God.

Most of these Igbo names for a baby boy above can be used affectionately in their short forms, making it easier for strangers to catch and pronounce.

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