5 Best Maternity Hospitals in Lagos

5 Best Maternity Hospitals in Lagos

Congratulations! Your pregnancy has been on schedule thus far and you are due at anytime now. You might be a bit anxious as to where to deliver the baby, due to the difficulties several people have experienced in Lagos hospitals. But Nigerian hospitals have made several advances in in recent times, so you can heave a sigh of relief. From the Ante Natal to the actual delivery and post-natal, Lagos has some of the best maternity hospitals. They are capable of handling emergencies and have doctors that are more than competent.

Some of the best maternity hospitals available in Lagos are:

best maternity hospitals

  1. First Consultant Hospital

    You will remember them as the private hospital that helped Nigeria stem the spread of the Ebola virus. This hospital also specializes in obstetrics and gynecology. You’ll find them situated on St. Gregory Street in Obalende. Mothers have found their operations professional over the years. This has earned them high praise. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Consultant_Hospital


  1. St Nicholas Hospital

    If you're looking for one of the best hospitals available, you have just found it. The staff are extremely courteous staff and the hospital operates up-to-date maternity technology. You will like them here because they are particularly biased towards women and children health care. However, they have a general practice as well. Whether you live on the island or on the mainland, they have you covered. This is because they are situated at various locations within Lagos. https://saintnicholashospital.com/


  1. Lagos Island General Hospital

    This is the oldest hospital in Nigeria. It first started out as a military hospital and was staffed by other nationals of the Commonwealth. The Federal Government however, took over control of the hospital on October 1, 1960. The Nigerian Medical Association was formed at this hospital. In addition to being revamped by the State Government, a lot of prominent Nigerians were born at the hospital. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagos_Island_General_Hospital

  2. St Ives Specialist Hospital

    They are a multi-Specialist hospital situated in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos State. Their fertility unit is ranked as one of the best in Lagos state. The hospital also boasts of a team of very experienced and qualified health professionals. http://stiveshealthcare.com/


  1. Lagoon Hospital

    There are 6 branches at Apapa, Ikeja, Ikoyi and Victoria Island. All of them have employed dedicated staff whose priority is the well-being of the patients. They have a 52 in-patient bed facility at their main branch and are multi specialists, including gynecology and obstetrics. https://lagoonhospitals.com/


  1. Lagos Island Maternity Hospital

This Government hospital is known as a baby factory because it has well over 200 in-patient beds and 30 baby cots. It has very qualified consultants and is located in a safe environment. Its facilities are of the most superior standards and its consultants are the best and most experienced in their field. The hospital operates from a level of welfare and the State Government has greatly subsidized the fees. Thus, they remain a number one destination for delivery, especially among the masses.

Now That You Know The Best Maternity Hospitals in Lagos

Whatever hospital you choose, please make sure you call ahead to know if they have whatever specialist you might need. You might also want to arrange a visit and see some of the specialists who will handle your delivery. Also, ask for their rules on visiting hours. You don't want your relatives stranded when they visit you at the hospital. In all, make sure you stay positive and happy for your baby. You have received a brand new life to nurture and cater for. Cherish and enjoy the gift of parenthood.


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