Birthday prayer to teach kids and also pray for them

Birthday prayer to teach kids and also pray for them

Birthdays are special! A birthday is an exciting occasion and you can make your child feel on top of the world on their day. One way to do this is by writing and sending your child a birthday prayer to teach kids and also pray for them.

Making the effort on your child’s birthday

Your child’s birthday is a memorable occasion for them. You’ll find that children begin an excited countdown days before the event. They often look forward to the fun activities and well wishes from family and friends. This is the only day that is uniquely theirs!

As a parent, it is okay to get teary-eyed on this day. Your baby is growing up, and hopefully, healthy and sound. And if you want to show your child love beyond throwing a super-fun party for them, there are other ways you can make the occasion unforgettable. One of the ways you can show your child unconditional love is to write them a birthday prayer to teach kids and also pray for them.

birthday prayer to teach kids

How to write a birthday prayer for kids

You need to communicate in a language they will easily understand. This will require you to break down your good wishes to your child’s level. Also, you can write down the prayer and present it to the child in an envelope along with their other birthday presents.

Here’s a birthday prayer you can say over your kids:

Dear Lord,

Thank You for this wonderful day! Today is (mention the child’s name) special day, and we are all happy to share it with him/her.

Thank You also for making (child’s name) to see this day. You have faithfully watched over all of us this past year, and, for this, we are grateful. We thank You for the ability to celebrate with (child’s name), and we pray that you give him/her many more birthdays.

Dear Lord, please bless him/her. Help him/her to grow in wisdom and love. Guide their hearts and their footsteps. May they always honor You and walk in the right paths.

May all Your promises over his/her life come to pass. And may they grow up into adults who love and fear You. Above all, Lord, help them achieve all their dreams and guide them every step of the way.

This heartfelt birthday prayer to teach kids and also pray for them will have a positive impact on their lives.

Short birthday prayers and good wishes for kids

If you want to know the wishes to write on birthday cards for your kids, here are few that will show the child that you really care for them.

• Happy birthday, my child! May today bring you favour, blessings, open doors and all the good things of life. I love you beyond words. Have a great day!

• Happy birthday to my baby! You are the light of my life, and on this special day, God will shower his love and blessings over you.

• Happy birthday, superstar! You are growing so fast! Nothing will stop your growth or dim your light. You will achieve everything you set out to achieve. Nothing will stand in your way.

• Dear birthday boy/girl, on this special day, everything you touch is blessed. God loves you so much, and you should never forget this. Have fun and enjoy your day.

• Happy birthday, my darling! The God that has kept you alive till this day will continue watching over you. You will have many more birthdays. I wish you long life and God’s protection.

These heartfelt prayers will help convey your feelings for your child. You can personalize the prayer points here to make them unique.

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Julie Adeboye