This Nigerian Model Bought A Home For Mom

This Nigerian Model Bought A Home For Mom

We all have dreams and hopes of succeeding. When everything falls in place, what is that one big thing you would want to do for your parents? It appears a Nigerian model and businesswoman, Blessing Williams, has started ticking her checklist.

Nigerian model buys new home at 23

Nigerian model buys new home in Lekki at 23!

A Nigerian model and businesswoman, named Blessing Williams, is currently making waves for buying her second home at 23. The shocker is that this came a few months after buying a home for her mum in Ajegunle.

According to Blessing Williams, when she bought a house for her mum in Ajegunle, she was mocked by her friends. This is possibly because Ajegunle is not considered by them as a choice part of town. In a heartfelt Instagram post, she chronicles the hardship her family endured while she was growing up.

February 2019 I bought my mum a home in Ajegunle in a location she choosed I remember telling some people in Dubai were I live in excitement and they roll their eyes ? i can feel the dissapointment in their eyes common Ajegunle you bought a house you are this happy ? because they didn’t know what it meant to me who use to be homeless !!! Fast forward to July 16th 2019 I Bought my second home in Lekki phase 2 certified and paid for with support


A few comments on Instagram chose to attribute her success to her husband. But, Blessing Williams at 23 is not only a model, but she is also a businesswoman. She owns four different businesses catering to multi clients. As a model, she has also broken many glass ceilings including being the first black and Nigerian model to grace the covers of Zahrat Khaleej magazine in UAE

Many positive comments have equally trailed the news. Her story enforces the belief that hardwork and commitment to an honest craft pays. Through her story, it is very easy to see a girl who is quite resilient and dependent. To leave home at 20 and choose to throw in your weight to put a smile on your parents face, takes a lot of grit and determination.

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