Blood Transfusion Kasala: Lagos State Save Pikin Of 14 Days From Di Jehovah Witness Parent Dem

Blood Transfusion Kasala: Lagos State Save Pikin Of 14 Days From Di Jehovah Witness Parent Dem

No be today we hear say Jehovah's witness dem no dey gree collect blood transfusion.

Jehovah witness parents discharge dia pikin from hospital against dokita advice. Dem say dem no want blood transfusion. Di pikin na newborn baby of 14 days wey get serious jaundice. Naim we hear say Lagos state rescue di pikin from di parent hand, come give am di blood transfusion.

Na So Blood Transfusion Take Cause Small Gbege For Lagos

blood transfusion

Na di Office of Public Defender(OPD), naim Lagos state take rescue di pikin. Di mama born di baby as premature for one private hospital for Surulere. According to Nation online, dem born di baby on December 18, 2019 to Mr and Mrs Emmanuel Onokpise wey be Jehovah witness.

As dem see say di pikin get jaundice, dokita dem tell di mama and papa say their pikin go need blood sharp sharp make e for survive. But as OPD dem tok, di parents dem no gree. Dem say deir religion no support am, say dem be Jehovah's witness. Na so dem come cari dia pikin comot for hospital.

Di statement tok say:

Na di serious condition wey di baby dey and di way wey di parents dey do, na im make one person come report give us wetin dey hapun. Di person wan make we save di pikin make e no die."

“Na so di agency come enter action begin work. We go collect paper for court, use di Lagos Child's Rights Acts Law of 2015 join am. We come add di Lagos State Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy of 2016.

“We come call police join bodi for Adeniji- Adele and Orile station. Na so we take comot di pikin for im mama and papa hand. Dem sef go gada oda Jehovah's witness people come for di mata but we no gree dem on 30th December, 2019.

Oga For OPD Sef Tok About Di Mata

blood transfusion

As dem cari di pikin comot for di parent hand, the OPD dem cari am go hospital for Massey Street Children Hospital for Lagos Island. The pikin weigh 2.2kg wen dem born am but as dem rescue am di baby don weigh 1.7kg. Dem say na due to: “due to lack of medical attention after being kept at home for one week and five days by the recalcitrant parents.” Na so OPD director tok.

OPD Director, Olayinka Adeyemi, wey visit d pikin for hospital tok say:

No responsible and responsive gofament go siddon look make any parent dey do anyhow with im pikin sake of religion. We no go gree make anybody risk im pikin life, or anybodi life sef. Especially pikin wey dem supose dey take care of.

“The administration of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu don tok say e no go stop to dey take care of di pipo for di state. And e go make sure say dem protect di right of woman, pikin and di less privilege wey dey Lagos state, no mata di religion.

Blood Transfusion Kasala: Lagos State Save Pikin Of 14 Days From Di Jehovah Witness Parent Dem

Adeyemi tok say di agency sabi say many pipo right dey violated becos of ignorance and poverty. Victims no dey fit get justice.

She come tok say make evribodi take advantage of OPD becos dem dey fight for pesin, and dem dey do all for free. Dem dey helep pesin get justice, protection plus rights wit legal services. She come tok say dem go continue to dey work for Lagos state until evribodi enjoy justice for di state.

The director say make Lagos pipo no stop to dey give dem informate of where dem dey suffer pesin for di state.

Wetin Be Blood Transfusion?

Blood transfusion na di general way wey pipo dey take colect blood for bodi if dem don short. Na difrent sickness fit make pesin blood short, wey e go need colect blood. Dokita go put needle for di pesin hand, come pass pipe. Na di pipe go run di blood enter inside di pesin bodi. E fit last between one hour and four hours, but e depend on di kain blood wey di pesin need.

Before you collect blood, nurse go check your blood pressure, pulse and temperature.


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