Books to read during pregnancy

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Your pregnancy journey will go smoother if you know the books to read during pregnancy. The best pregnancy books will guide you through the physical, emotional and psychological changes. These books should help you navigate the beautiful experience that is birthing a child.

It is important to invest in good pregnancy books. Whether you are pregnant now or looking forward to having your own baby in the future, these are the books to read during pregnancy.

Books to read during pregnancy

The Pregnancy Bible – Joanne Stone and Keith Eddleman
This is one of the best pregnancy books in Nigeria. All pregnant women should get The pregnancy Bible! This book offers information from renowned obstetricians and physicians. Mothers-to-be can get a week by week insight into their pregnancy. Knowing what to expect during pregnancy can lessen the stress of your journey.

The Pregnancy Bible has high-quality pictures and illustrations. There’s also a question and answer section to provide readers with answers to some burning questions they may have.

books to read during pregnancy

Pregnancy and Baby Care – Alison Mackonoche
It’s impossible to write a list of best books to read during pregnancy without mentioning this comprehensive pregnancy guide. This book has all the information you need about pregnancy. The best pregnancy books in Nigeria should be broken into sections so that the mother-to-be can track their progress, and this book does just that.

Pregnancy and Baby Care offers information from the day of conception to birth and beyond. It also has high-quality pictures and illustrations, which make for easy reading. The three sections of the book are very important, as you can find information on pregnancy, baby care and caring for your child in the first year.

books to read during pregnancy

My Pregnancy – Virginia Beckett
My pregnancy is one of the best pregnancy books in Nigeria, and as such, it should be in your list of books to read during pregnancy. This unique book was written by six physicians who are also moms, which makes the book very relatable.

The book offers insights into your pregnancy diet, fitness, health and even sex. Also, the questions and answer segment is there to answer your pregnancy questions and set your mind at ease.
If you are a mom-to-be or planning to have kids in the future, My Pregnancy is a must-have!

Positive, Healthy & Joyful Pregnancy – Bimbo Fola Bolumole
This a great book if you are after Christian books to read during pregnancy. Christian mamas love this book, as it talks about dealing with pregnancy as a Christian woman.

Positive, Healthy & Joyful Pregnancy has some declarations you can make throughout your whole pregnancy and delivery. It is recommended for women who are pregnant or TTC.

The Complete Book of Pregnancy & Baby Care - Alison Mackonoche
This is a classic book on pregnancy and baby care, and you should definitely add it to your pile of books to read during pregnancy. Not only will you get a step by step guide on pregnancy and baby care, but you also get all kinds of recommendations in between!

You will get expert advice of breastfeeding, nappy changes, and post-natal checks for you as a mommy. This book continues to offer information for up to the first three years of your baby’s life.

Your Pregnancy Week by Week – Lesley Regan
Professor Lesley Regan’s book is a comprehensive guide on how to manage your pregnancy from conception right up to the first time you hold your baby in your arms. You’ll get guidance on what to expect in your pregnancy emotionally, physically and psychologically.

Your Pregnancy Week by Week is easy to understand because the author has taken the time to break down medical jargon. It is one of the most important pregnancy books in Nigeria.

Changes in Pregnancy – Dr. Paul Akotaibe
Dr. Akotaibe is a Nigerian physician, so his book resonates with Nigerian mothers who are looking for good books to read during pregnancy. His book approaches the subject of pregnancy from the Nigerian perspective. Changes in Pregnancy is a must-have for pregnant women everywhere.

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