Unique baby boy names with God meaning

Unique baby boy names with God meaning

Name your baby boy after your favourite Bible characters, and see their meanings here.

For Christian parents, unique babyboy names with God meaning can be such a huge task; seeing as the Bible is so big and has lots of names. We can help point you to the most beautiful names in the Bible for your baby

boy names with God meaning

See these unique babyboy names with God meaning (A-F)

Aaron - a teacher; lofty; a mountain of strength
Abijah - the Lord is my father
Abner - father of light
Adonijah - the Lord is my master
Amariah - the Lord says, the integrity of the Lord

Amaziah - the strength of the Lord
Amoz - strong, robust
Aquila - an eagle
Asa - physician, cure
Asher - happiness

Benjamin - son of the right hand
Barak - thunder, or in vain
Benaiah - son of the Lord

Camon - His resurrection
Christian - a follower of Christ

Dan - judgment, he that judges
Daniel - judgment of God, God my judge
David - beloved, dear

Ebenezer - stone or rock of help
Elisha - salvation of God
Elnathan - God has given, the gift of God
Ethan - strong, the gift of the island

Felix - blessed, fortunate, pleasant, desirable, happy
Festus - festive, belonging to the feast

Moreboy names with God meaning (G-L)

unique baby boy names with biblical meaning

Gideon - he that bruises or breaks, a destroyer
Gabriel - God is my strength

Immanuel - God with us
Issachar - reward, recompense

Justus - upright or just
Jesse - gift, oblation, one who is
Jeremy - exaltation of the Lord
Jair-  my light, who diffuses light

Jordan - the river of judgment
Josiah - the Lord burns, the fire of the Lord
Jotham - the perfection of the Lord
Joses - raised, who pardons

Kemuel - God hath raised up
Kenaz - this purchase, this lament
Kenan - buyer, owner
Kamon - his resurrection

Lemuel - God with them or him
Levi - associated with him
Lazarus - assistance of God
Lot - wrapped up, hidden, covered, rosin

Uniqueboy names with God meaning

Unique baby boy names with God meaning

Micaiah - who is like to God
Malachi - my messenger, my angel
Manasseh - forgetfulness, he that is forgotten

Mishael - who is asked for or lent
Marcus - polite, shining
Melchizedek - king of justice, king of righteousness
Michael - poor, humble

Naphtali - that struggles or fights
Nadab - free and voluntary gift, prince
Nathanael - the gift of God
Nathan - given, giving, rewarded
Nahum - comforter, penitent
Nekoda - painted, inconstant.
Nicodemus - victory of the people

Omar - he that speaks, bitter
Onesimus - profitable, useful
Onesimus - profitable, useful

Phineas - bold, face of trust or protection.
Philemon - loving, who kisses
Paul - small, little
Peter - a rock or stone

Raamah - greatness, thunder
Rufus - red

Shem - name, renowned
Seth - put, who puts, fixed
Simeon - that hears or obeys, that is heard
Simon - that hears, that obeys

Tobiah - the Lord is good
Tobias - the Lord is good
Titus - pleasing
Thomas - a twin
Theophilus - friend of God

Uriah - the Lord is my light or fire
Uriel - the Lord is my light or fire
Uzziah - the strength, or kid, of the Lord

Zephaniah - the Lord is my secret
Zechariah - memory of the Lord
Zebulun - dwelling; habitation
Zebadiah - portion of the Lord, the Lord is my portion
Zacchaeus - pure, clean, just
Zebedee - abundant, portion
Zerubbabel - a stranger at Babylon, dispersion of confusion

These are some of the most unique baby names with Biblical meaning. Go ahead and choose a name that reflects your faith.

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