Is Sex During Early Pregnancy Connected To Miscarriages?

Is Sex During Early Pregnancy Connected To Miscarriages?

Orgasms cannot trigger a miscarriage.

Many couples—especially those who have had previous miscarriages—often worry about whether it is safe to have sex during pregnancy. They worry, for instance, whether the penetration of the penis into the vagina might accidentally harm the fetus. They may also be concerned about whether uterine contractions during orgasms might cause problems with the pregnancy. It's totally normal to have these types of concerns. So, can sex during first-trimester cause miscarriage? Ultimately, for the vast majority of women, there is no evidence that sex during pregnancy causes miscarriage or other problems.

What Research Shows About Whether Sex During First Trimester Can Cause Miscarriage

can sex during first trimester cause miscarriage

Although research is sparse on first trimester miscarriages, there is no known association between sexual activity and miscarriage. Also, experts don't see any connection between sex and preterm labour. So essentially, barring any complications, you're all set to go!

Sex during pregnancy is generally perceived to be low-risk behaviour. This is because of your cervix and the amniotic fluid. They protect your baby from the penis.

The good news - or bad news, depending on how you see it - is that “sex during pregnancy is extremely safe for most women with uncomplicated pregnancies. Some people feel like they enjoy sex during pregnancy more and others enjoy it less.

Who Should Avoid Sex During Pregnancy?

Is Sex During Early Pregnancy Connected To Miscarriages?

Sometimes, your doctor may advise that you abstain from sex during pregnancy. This is if you experience symptoms such as unexplained vaginal bleeding, you're leaking amniotic fluid, or you have a history of preterm labour.

Sex during pregnancy may not be safe for you if you have a history of repeated miscarriages; preterm labour; bleeding, or an incompetent cervix. This is a condition in which your cervix effaces and dilates without contractions in the second or early third trimester when the baby’s weight puts increasing pressure on it.

That’s not all. Women with placenta previa are at risk of hemorrhaging if they have sex during pregnancy. Women with premature rupture of membranes (PROM) should also avoid sex during pregnancy.

For the most part, sex during pregnancy isn't a concern for most doctors. But if you're worried that sex may hurt your developing baby or cause a miscarriage, discuss your concerns with your doctor. If you're feeling embarrassed, remember that midwives and doctors—especially OB/GYNs—see patients who have similar concerns every day. They will not think it's weird for you to ask questions about sex in general, let alone during pregnancy.

Orgasms During Early Pregnancy

When it comes to orgasms, all women experience uterine contractions. Prostaglandins bring them on. You'll find prostaglandins in semen and some bodily tissues. You just feel these contractions more intensely now because your uterus is swollen and you have increased blood flow. But in a normal pregnancy, these contractions won't cause you to lose the baby. Your unborn child is well padded against any sexual acrobatics. The fluid-filled amniotic sac and strong uterine muscles are there to do their work. And a thick mucus plug that seals the cervix ensures he's guarded against infection.

What Are the Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy?

As long as you feel comfortable, most sexual positions are okay. Even oral sex is also safe as long as you don’t feel uncomfortable. Get intimate with your partner and have sex. Bond in new ways and find new positions – you will be happy!

Sex is a healthy activity, and having sex during pregnancy can keep the pregnant woman stress-free and happy. Having sex won’t lead to a miscarriage in any way, except if you have an underlying medical condition. Consult your doctor if you have any doubts and go ahead with what he suggests. Have a healthy pregnancy!

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