How To Care For Covid-19 Patient For House Make Yu No Dey Infected

How To Care For Covid-19 Patient For House Make Yu No Dey Infected

With di way wen efiri bodi take dey preach self isolation, some pipo wen dey close to yu fit don catch am. See how yu fit care for dem hia.

As Nigeria and her oda sister African countries dey make sure sey efiri bodi  lockdown as way to take prevent spread of coronavirus, make we sef do our own part to make sure sey di virus no spread. Make we stay house, so our loved ones no go catch dis virus. Make we rememba sey di virus no dey quick show, and possibiliti fit dey sey one memba of famili don catch am before di lockdown. Most pipo wen get coronavirus go onli get mild symptom, and expert talk sey make dat kine person stay house and na onli wen di matta don dey serious na im di person fit ask for medical attention. Wetin yu fit do if member of yur famili carri di virus? See how yu fit care for person wen get COVID-19  for house.

How to care for person wen get COVID-19 for house

how to care for a person with coronavirus

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Because of di way wen healthcare system take dey collapse for di world, experts don talk sey make any person wen get am stay house unless di situation dey veri bad. Too many hospital get plenti patient wen dem dey handle, na im make one new york man reportedli hide him symptom make he for fit see him wife wen born for Strong Memorial Hospital inside Rochester. Since den, di hospital don dey strict with pipo wen dey visit.

For Naija, experts don talk sey our healthcare system go dey ovawhelmed if e get plenti case once. Na im be sey e dey important manke we sabi how to care for person wen get mild symptom for house. If yur loved ones don dey show symptoms, see wetin  Center for Disease Control and Prevention say make yu do:

  • Monitor symptoms

Pipo fit don get di virus reach 14 days before e go start to show. Di symptoms for covid-19 wen dey common pass na feva, tiredness, and dry cough. E dey interesting make yu sabi sey  80% of pipo wen get am dey recovamake dem no go hospital , while 1 out of 6 pipo dey sick well well. CAse wn dey serious dey worse afta 5-10 days wen di symptom start, so make yu dey monitor di person well, if dem dey worse, call yur health provider. If yu get pain or pressure fir chest, dey short of breath and dey get confusion na sign sey di person don need to go hospital.

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  • Prevent virus make e no spread

Di first thing yu suppose do if person wen close to yu dey show sign of coronavirus na to isolate am. Na im be sey di person go get him own room wen get ventilation and bathroom separate. But e fit happen sey yur house no big and yu must share bathroom. If dat na di case, make yu clean di bathroom once di person don use am. And again, no follow person wen dey infected share towel, bed sheet or plate.

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  • Treat symptoms

If yu wan treat symptoms for house, yu go rest well, drink plenti water and no alchohol so yur piss go dey clear. No allow person wen dey infected do any work wen go stress am as e dey sick.  Also, yu fit buy some drugs ova di counta take treat some of di symtoms, but make yu ask yur doktor.

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  • Decide wen to end isolation

CDC say make yu wait  three days afta di person feva don stop if e no use any kine medicine. And again, make yu wait seven days for oda symptom like make breath dey short improve So, if person symptom show on tuesday and di feva come stop on friday, yu need to wait seven days afta Tuesday.

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One thing wen nobodi dey talk about na di way wen person wen dey quarantine take dey lonli. So, wen yu dey care for person wen sick, try make yu find way to follow am bond, make he no feel loneli.

*If you see sign any of the COVID-19 symptoms, make you call any of these NCDC numbers.*
Toll-Free Number: 0800 9700 0010
Whatsapp: +234708 711 0839
SMS Number: +234809 955 5577
Make sure sey you no near anybody pass 3 feet and stay safe. You get question? Share am for inside the comments section


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Source: CDC , People

Written By Lydia Ume

Translated By Anino Aganbi

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