How you fit catch your cheating spouse red-handed

How you fit catch your cheating spouse red-handed

E get sometimes your spouse fit dey do like cunny person. No worry yourself, this article go show you as you go fit catch am redhanded.

Maybe you don notice some movement wey your wife or husband bin dey take. And dese waka waka dey carry suspicion join am. Dem wakabout dey be like sey dem dey cheat on you. You dey worry, you wan find out if wetin bin dey your mind about dem na true abi na you just dey overthink de mata. We go show you how you fit catch your cheating spouse red-handed.

Cheating na wen you nor dey faithful to your partner, whether na through emotion or physical connection with another person. Cheating for relationship or marriage na bad tin. Nobody like make dem cheat on am. Even dem spouse wey dey cheat no go want make dem partner do de same kain tin. E good make husband and wife dey faithful to each other.

Wetin be de effect of cheating?

wetin be de effect of cheating?

  • E dey affect emotion- person wey dem cheat on go dey down emotionally, de person even fit sink into depression because of am. Sometimes, person wey cheat too fit dey carry de emotion of guilt all around.
  • E dey cause lack of trust- to trust person wey cheat go dey hard especially after una don say de vow sey una go dey together forever. Even if de person no do am again, de partner go still dey suspect am sey im fit still dey cheat.
  • E fit cause disease transmission- person wey go cheat fit go carry different types of sexually transmitted disease come dump am for de body of im partner. Na why e make brain make husband and wife dey faithful to each other.

How you fit catch your cheating spouse red-handed?

signs of cheating

·         Look for signs:

When you partner wan start to dey cheat, some tins go change. Notice de signs and act on wetin you suspect. Wetin be dem signs wey you suppose notice? You fit notice sey im dey always dey with im phone all de time, smiling as im dey type. Anoda tin you fit notice b sey if you come near am as im dey with de phone, im go hide de phone or lock am. You fit also notice sey im dey stay late for work pass before.

·         Check im phone

Phone dey house plenty plenty secret. E fit make relationship or marriage break. Wen partner dey cheat, e dey easy to catch dem through deir phone. You fit check de chat record to see who dem dey chat with and wetin dem dey chat about. You fit check call record to see who dem dey call or who dey call dem. As you dey do dis, remember sey your partner privacy also dey important.

·         Check im social media account

You fit check im Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account to see de kain person wey dey always post comments for im wall or posts, also check wetin im dey take reply dose comments - e fit give you sign if im dey cheat.

·         Use GPS tracker

On how you fit catch your cheating spouse red-handed, you fit use GPS tracker to take track de location of your partner. E go helep you know where im dey and if you dey see am for hotels and im nor tell you about dat kain trip before hand, watch ( e fit be sey na work related issue carry am go de hotel sha).

·         Surprise visit

E fit be im office, you fit just give am check up call to ask where im dey and give am surprise visit. You fit catch am if im dey cheat. E fit be una home too. You fit just come home at a time wey im nor dey expect sey you go fit dey house.

Cheating dey affect people emotion, trust and health, tink twice before you cheat on your partner. If you notice sey your partner dey cheat on you and you dey find how you fit catch your cheating spouse red-handed- you fit use de guide wey we don put up so. After you don catch am, make two of una go for counselling as una go take handle de mata.


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Written by

Tony S Abiodun