4 Distinct Personalities In Children And How To Parent Them Successfully

4 Distinct Personalities In Children And How To Parent Them Successfully

Children often exhibit all four personality types, but only one stands out as the dominant personality of your child.

As a parent, you'll marvel at how different all your children will turn out to be. Yet you birthed and raised them. It is perhaps one of the wonders of the world that no two individuals are the same. Not even twins. Experts have profiled children into four main child personality types. And we're tempted to ask, is it really possible to box one amazing human into just one personality type? Isn't the human makeup too complex for that?

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We will leave you to be the judge of that. Meanwhile, here are the 4 common child personality types. Feel free to match your child to any and all of them. It's great for a better understanding of your children and knowing the best ways to parent them.

The 4 Different Child Personality Types

Type 1: The Fun-Loving Child

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The fun-loving child is a bubbly, social and bright individual. He is playful, animated and full of ideas. His mantra is, "I have an idea and I can do it." This is the child who doesn't sit still, he's uncomfortable sitting still. Often you wonder where he gets the energy from. Be honest, sometimes you fault him, and this is because he's a lot to handle.

Signs to look for:

  • He's curious and loves to explore and touch.
  • He loves to laugh, play, and make noise.
  • He's creative or imaginative
  • He likes when you're happy.
  • He has many friends or changes friends often.

Your positive parenting tactic is to recognize this energy as a gift and not a flaw. Praise his good ideas and encourage him to try new things. This will make it easy for you to help him steer his energy in the right direction. Have fun with him on his terms. Feel free to play soccer or get creative with him. Give him the freedom to explore his creativity and ideas. Children like him, with great parenting, grow up to become creative, innovative and happy adults.

Type 2: The Sensitive Child

4 Distinct Personalities In Children And How To Parent Them Successfully

The sensitive child is naturally calm and easy-going. His mantra is, "I'll watch and observe, and then I'll make a plan." He's the peacemaker in your family because he's always mediating and doesn't like conflict. He wears his heart on his sleeve often. If something is wrong, you'll immediately see it on his face. He's the child you ask to speak louder or hurry up because he likes to do things at his own time.

Signs to look for:

  • He has a built-in calm demeanour.
  • He enjoys planning and it can sometimes take a long time.
  • He's a worrier; he likes to know what to expect in every situation so he can prepare for it.
  • Conflict in the house greatly upsets him.

Your positive parenting strategy is to make him feel safe. Let him know you are there for him any day. Fill him in on the details. If you’re going into an unfamiliar situation, prep him with what to expect. Don’t push him to be more outgoing. He will try things at his own pace. When you recognize your child’s innate “sensitive” personality, it helps you understand why he does the things he does.

Type 3: The Determined Child

4 Distinct Personalities In Children And How To Parent Them Successfully

Oh boy, everyone knows when you have a determined child on your hands. His personality type is most noticeable. The determined child is naturally more active, physical, and…stubborn! He is born with the drive to get things done, usually in his own way. This is the child you tell to calm down or stop being so demanding. For the determined child, his mantra is, "let's get results!"

Signs to look for:

  • He has a really strong will.
  • He pursues more than one big goal at once.
  • He's naturally active and adventurous—ever ready to go, do, and explore!
  • He always tries for leadership positions in school, or at home.
  • Self-motivated rather than motivated by others.

Your positive parenting strategy is to cheer him on in his pursuit of goals. If you're stubborn too, try not to let both your personalities clash. The determined child needs more freedom to discover things for himself. Rather than rein him in, give him that freedom. Encourage his confidence and passion.

Type 4: The Serious Child

A more seriously inclined child is logical, independent, and focused. People often marvel at how “mature he is for his age.” He's the authority on many matters and relishes in perfection. A serious child’s mantra is, "Let’s see what this is, let’s analyze it, and I know a way to make it better."

Signs to look out for:

  • He's not as light and playful as other children.
  • He can be pretty rigid and inflexible when it comes to doing things.
  • He is such an innate perfectionist.
  • His suggestions to make something better often sound like criticism.
  • He likes to arrange items (toy cars, crayons, etc.) in a specific row.

Your positive parenting tactic is to try relating to him mentally before connecting emotionally. Understand what he is thinking rather than feeling. Serious children crave adult respect; let him know you respect his thoughts and opinions. When communicating, speak in logical terms that he'll understand. Ask for his opinions and solutions regularly.

So, what do you think? Are there only four child personality types? And do any of your children fit these moulds?


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