Child sacrifice in Uganda: yes, it is happening

Child sacrifice in Uganda: yes, it is happening

Caleb Wilde recently travelled to Uganda to write about the horrors of child sacrifice still happening in the country. Uganda. Here's what he found

Caleb Wilde recently travelled to Uganda to write about the horrors of child sacrifice still happening in the country. His trip happened due to his partnership with World Vision, a non-profit organisation working to end the scourge of child sacrifice.

child sacrifice in Uganda

Here are some of Wilde’s discoveries about child sacrifice in Uganda

• Child sacrifice in Uganda is real

Wilde was skeptical about the existence of such a practice before he travelled to Uganda. His skepticism changed to shock once he got to the country and spoke to a mom whose child had been abducted and then released. He also saw the fear of the people in the community when an Amber Alert was issued about a missing child.

During his stay, two children were abducted and murdered as part of a ritual sacrifice in two different districts.

• World Vision is spearheading the drive to end child sacrifice in Uganda

Obed is the director in charge of ending ritual child killings in Uganda. Initially, his responsibility was to teach the basics of child protection to the local communities. Everything changed when he witnessed the ritual murder of a child.

One day, screams rang out somewhere in the community, and Obed ran towards where the agonizing sound was coming from. What he found has left him traumatised to this day, he says. He saw a mom crying over her child whose head had been cut off. Obed scooped up the child’s body and rushed him to the hospital, but the child was already dead, of course.

On his return from the hospital, Obed found that the community had formed a mob and killed someone they suspected of killing the boy. Since then, Obed has worked with local authorities to implement laws to protect children and convict suspected ritual killers rather than practice jungle justice.

Child sacrifice in Uganda: yes, it is happening

• The ritual killings happen because many Ugandans believe in witchcraft

Local communities believe that witches can cast evil spells and afflict innocent people with diseases like AIDS. These witches are said to derive their power from blood sacrifice. Previously, animal blood was enough, but recently, most practitioners are said to believe that human blood and body parts are more powerful in appeasing the spirits.

Many Ugandans believe in the supernatural. This is probably why the practice persists.

• Child-sacrifice is a symptom of a much deeper problem

According to Wilde, child sacrifice in Uganda is just one of the many ills the country is battling with. There is also the problem of extreme poverty, which ends up causing:

• Child marriage
• Sexual and physical abuse of young children
• Periodic famine in Uganda
• And corruption

Wilde opines that all these issues show that child sacrifice in Uganda is not an isolated problem but rather one of the effects of poverty and ignorance.

• World Vision is working to end the scourge of ritual killing

World Vision is working with local authorities to institute a local Amber Alert system to warn the community about abductions. They are also working to change the views of shamans and witch doctors concerning human sacrifice. Their partnership with the Ugandan law enforcement is to create and implement child protection laws and to prevent child abuse at all levels.

Caleb Wilde has since returned to the United States, but he says he won’t be forgetting the things he’s seen and heard about child sacrifice in Uganda. He is quick to point out that this doesn’t mean that the country is a terrible place. To him, Uganda is a beautiful country with a rich culture, but as with all countries, it has a terrible problem that needs to be squashed.

Source: World Vision 

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Julie Adeboye