Christian Parenting: The Essentials of Building A Christian Family

Christian Parenting: The Essentials of Building A Christian Family

After you discover that you’re expecting a baby, it suddenly dawns on you that you’re starting a family, and you’re going to be responsible for another human being. To a Christian, this is the perfect opportunity to build a family, a legacy, based on christian parenting principles.

So What Is Christian Parenting?

It is quite simply raising your children according to the principles of the christian religion, so that they become exactly who God intended them to be.

One of the facts of Christianity is that it doesn’t insist on a uniform culture.  Cultural expression varies from country to country, and every christian home maintains the original principles Christianity. The same applies to parenting.

Many cultural expressions of  Christian upbringing are presented with an authority that suggests that they’re directly from the Bible. When the reality is, they’re just not. There’s lots of wisdom out there on Christian parenting. But let’s remember that it is just that. Wisdom. But every situation is different. Each family is made up of unique individuals, living in different contexts, with different pressures, strains, resources and opportunities. So Christian parenting can never be a one-size-fits-all, pre-packaged formula.

The Bible has fewer rules about Christian parenting than we think. It says that Christian parents are to teach their kids about God in everyday life, at every opportunity. It also says that the way parents treat their kids is really important – don’t embitter them, love them, discipline them, counsel them, provide for them, and so on. Other than these things, there’s not much else that the Bible directly says to do about parenting the Christian way. And for many of these things, it rarely prescribes exactly how we are to go about them.

The Essentials Of Parenting The Christian Way

Now we know what Christian parenting is and what it isn’t. We also know that it is culturally expressed differently and in keeping with our local cultures. It means that no matter where parenting is practised the Christian way, these essentials must be present. We have outlined them below:

Parenting By Example: Practice What You Preach.

Before you teach truth, you’d better be sure you have it yourself. Ligonier Ministeries conducted a poll in which self-professed Christians were asked to rate on a Likert Scale their agreement or disagreement with fundamental Christian doctrines. The sobering results led the Ligonier pollsters to conclude: many self-professing evangelicals reject foundational evangelical beliefs. The survey results reveal that the biblical worldview of professing evangelicals is fragmenting.

You are the first Bible your kids will read, and by extension the world around you. You’ll have to first be the instruction that you give your children, if you want them to obey you. If Christ is your example, you should also be your children’s example.

christian parenting

Erica Campbell of Mary Mary and her family

Christian Parenting Is Training, Loving and Disciplining. 

All of your parenting activities will fall under this trio. The Bible admonishes you to train your children in the ways of God. It also says you should love them and not provoke them. Finally, the Bible says you should discipline your children so that they are not spoiled.

The strategies for doing these things vary from continent to continent, but the essential law is the same. In building a Christian family, there must be God-centred training. There muse also be love, respect and discipline. One of the ways to do this is to daily share the gospel as a family. Also, try not to let your actions be driven by anger, when you do discipline your children.

Daily reinforce the Christian’s life goal.

The dream of every Christian is to live a life that glorifies God. When it’s all said and done, this is the essence of life—to glorify God with our lives.Your children should never forget this. In breaking this down, Christians believe God has a purpose for every life he created. Our lives then give Him the glory when we live according to His blueprint for our lives. A Christian parent’s primary responsibility is therefore to raise;’ their children to become the persons that God designed them to be helping them become the persons God designed them to be.

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