These Comfortable Sex Positions Do Not Stop Your Pleasure.

These Comfortable Sex Positions Do Not Stop Your Pleasure.

Pain during sex can ruin the moment. These comfortable sex positions do not diminish your pleasure.

It may be time to explore more comfortable sex positions if you’re having muscle pains or friction during sex. 

Pain during sex is not as normal as many would have you believe. And it certainly isn’t something you should be bearing or overlooking. Pain has a way of ruining the mood for both of you. You can try using lube in the case of friction. It is perfectly okay. 

But the pain is commonly felt in the thigh or hip, upper or lower back, and friction against the labia that might lead to bruising. Maybe you’re used to a particular position with a certain partner and you never experienced pain, but with the next partner, you’re surprised by how much pain there is. Don’t insist on the same position hoping that things might straighten out. Talk to your partner and try any of the sex positions below. 


Comfortable sex positions you could try 

Comfortable Sex Positions That Guarantee Pleasure


  • The missionary 

Hearing missionary, your mind might race to the good old missionary style most people in Nigeria refer to as Mama-and-Papa style. But this is slightly different. Instead of widening your legs as is usual, let your partner straddle your body. This way both your genitals touch. This is comfortable because it depends on the connection between you and your partner instead of size. 


  • The pillow method 

This is basically the doggy style with a comfort twist. This method allows you to control penetration while allowing enough stimulation of the clitoris. You place a pillow under your pelvis. The pillow is there underneath your pelvis to support you all the way. While your knees are bent, thrust your pelvis upwards. Keep your legs apart just enough to allow for comfortable thrusting from your partner. 


  • The bedspread 

You can go for this style when you don’t want to force too much work on your muscles. This position allows your partner a relaxed pose, too. Lie on your stomach with your legs hanging off the bed. Let your partner lift your legs to be parallel with your body before penetrating. 


  • The 69

If you and partner have tried everything during penetration and the pain persists, then maybe it’s time to take a break from it. Explore each other with your oral action. Lie on your back, have your partner come on top and direct his face to your genitals, while he has his genitals in your face. 


  • Side cuddle 

These Comfortable Sex Positions Do Not Stop Your Pleasure.

Source: Cosmopolitan

This position all you and your partner to determine how to thrust and to keep adjusting until it is comfortable for both of you. Lie on your side while facing each other, or you can face the other way to allow your partner penetration from behind. Your partner can remain still while you thrust, using your backside to control the depth of penetration. 


  • Use sex toys 

Sex Toy

Sex toys seem to be something alien in this part of the world. But these toys are carefully made pieces that can add pleasure and comfort to your sex life. Vibrators are used to stimulate the clitoris. As you plan your next sex, talk to your partner about vibrators. You can try different positions that allow for clitoral stimulation. 


  • The riding 

Revers Cow Girl position

Source: Cosmopolitan

For this one you’re on top while your partner is below. For those who love kissing, eye gazing and nipple stimulation, this position allows you to come face to face for the aforementioned things. Above all else, if you experience pain during penetration this allows you to be in absolute control of the thrusting. 


It is very important to talk to each other about anything that enhances pleasure or pain in your sex lives. It is never something you should be quiet about. Try new things. Communicate until you both find what works for both of you. 

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Source: Healthline


Written by

Lydia Ume