See How To Use Goat Meat Take Cook Stew Naija Style

See How To Use Goat Meat Take Cook Stew Naija Style

Rice and fried plantains na delicious side dish option for dis Africa goat meat stew.

Tomato stew na normal thing for efiri household for naija. We dey use am take make Nigerian Jollof; even sef, we dey use am as base for ewedu or okro. E no get wetin we no dey us stew take chop for naija, na im make us feel sey e good if efiri bodi sabi cook am. Besides, to cook stew naija style dey special.

Stew na one thing wen we no fit do without for naija. Na one food wen dey unify our diversiti. Afta all, e no get any part of naija wen no dey chop stew. No forget say yu go see ingredients for stew efiri wia for Africa.

To cook betta pot of stew no dey easy. If yu boil pepper and tomatoes for too long, e go burn. If yu no boil am reach, e no go don at all. Shey yu sabi cook stew? No fear, we go show yu how to cook stew for naija style.

Cook Stew Naija Style With Goat Meat

cook stew for naija style

Before we start, e betta make yu cook yur stew plenti put for freezer. Remamba say na base for almost efiri food for naija, so yu and yur famili go dey chop am plenti.

  • 1.5kg fresh Plum Tomatoes (wen dem dey call Jos tomatoes in Nigeria)
  • 600g tin tomato paste
  • Vegetable Oil: enuf to take cook
  • 2kg goat meat
  • 2-3 medium onions
  • Habanero Pepper & Salt (to taste)
  • 3 big stock cubes
  • 2 tablespoons thyme
Before yu cook yur stew
  1. Wash and grind di tomatoes. Rememba to commot di seed unless yur blenda fit grind am smooth.
  2. If yu dey use tin tomato, mix am with water make e for dey light.
  3. Cut onions
  4. Cut di goat meat, den use half of di onion wen yu don slice take cook am. Season am with, thyme, salt, den allow am cook for fire. Commot di stock, den yu fit grill or fry depending on wetin yu prefer.

How yu fit cook goat meat:

See How To Use Goat Meat Take Cook Stew Naija Style

Add enuf water for di pot wen yu dey cook. No dey add salt wen yu dey cook meat becos e dey close pores of meat. And e no go allow di meat natural flavor enta di water, and di meat no go get betta taste. Salt dey make meat hard na im make am no dey quick cook. So na onli wen di meat don cook, yu fit add salt.

How to cook stew: directions

See How To Use Goat Meat Take Cook Stew Naija Style

    1. Pour yur fresh tomatoes and pepper inside pot for fire till e don nearli dry. If yu want tin tomato, add am to di pot, den reduce yur fire.
    2. Add vegetable oil, onions wen yu cut and thick tin tomato. Mix dem well.
    3. Reduce yur fire, make yu dey turn am from time to time, till di oil start to float. Taste di tomato to make sure sey e no dey raw again.
    4. Once yur tomatoes don fry well, yu fit commot di excess oil.
    5. Put yur pot of stew back for fire, den add yur meat stock. No forget to strain di bottom well.
    6. Add yur goat meat. Yu fit also add water if di stew too thick.
    7. Cover yur pot, cook ontop slow heat till yur stew don steam, den turn am. Voila yur stew don ready.
Make yu watch dis video:

Na so yu take dey cook stew naija style. Bon appetit!


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Translated By Anino Aganbi

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