11 Common Terms And Phrases Wen Yu Suppose Sabi About Coronavirus Disease

11 Common Terms And Phrases Wen Yu Suppose Sabi About Coronavirus Disease

E get some kine words and phrases about corona wen yu need to undastand and how yu fit prevent infection and di way wen e dey spread so.

Coronavirus don do d one wen knack d world for him most vulnerable place. E don affect di world for plenti ways, na hia we wan introduce give una list of unique words wen dey our vocabulary wia dis killer disease dey. Di way wen dis virus wen dey cause coronavirus disease don take spread for everi wia around di world don cause alarm all ova. World Health Organization (WHO) don talk sey di way wen dis virus dey take spread na pandemic. Plenti countries dey struggle with di numba of pipo wen get di virus wen dey increase for dia side so.

As di corona virus(Covid-19) dey take spread reach d whole world so, new new words don dey enta d dictionary for corona. We dey hia to help una sabi dem. See list of words and phrases wen dey unique wen yu suppose know so yu go fit dey in line with all di development wen dey happen.

 List Of  Terms And Phrases Wen Get Something To Do With Coronavirus Disease

coronavirus disease

As we dey get plenti advice from experts dem, all di scientific words and phrase don dey become something wen dey common for our lives everiday. But wetin some of dese words mean? See breakdown of wetin yu need to undastand:

Pandemic na disease wen don spread reach d whole world wen come worry plenti pipo for d same time. W.H.O been no wan use dis word before becos dem no want make pipo think sey dem no fit stop di disease.

Wen disease affect one region and e spread quick reach di pipo wen dey dat part, na dat one dem call epidemic, W.H.O. talk sey  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention define am as quick increase wen affect number of pipo wen get disease for any location wen no dey normal.

Di technical name wen dem dey call  coronavirus na SARS-CoV-2, wen dey cause  “coronavirus disease 2019,” or Covid-19  virus. Coronavirus get im name because of di way wen di spike wen dey am take resemble sun corona. Dem believe sey di new virus wen na china e first come out sey na bat e originate from.

Vocabulary Wey Den Dey Use Take Discuss Coronavirus disease

coronavirus disease

Pipo wen dey position of authority fit declare state of emergency wen natural disasta, epidemic and oda health emergencies wen dey public happen. Wen dem declare state of emergency like dat, government get right to take extra measure wen go help am protect d public like: e go suspend some kine regulation or reallocate money wen go help control d way wen di disease dey take spread.

Incubation period na d time wen e go take make symptom wen dey di infected person go show. Dis time dey veri important make dem fit control and prevent am, and e go allow health officials make dem fit quarantine (isolate) or observe pipo wen be like sey dem don dey exposed to di coronavirus.

Incubation period for di new corona virus na  2 to 14 days, according to wetin  C.D.C talk; and symptoms fit appear like 5 days afta d person don get d infection in some case. For dis incubation time so, some pipo go don spread di virus first before dem even start to show any sign sey dem get di virus, na im dey make am dey difficult make dem fit identify and separate pipo wen don get di virus.

Di virus dey quick spread for places wen pipo many- inside moto, or rally or even concert sef.  Social distancing na de way wen we go take to fit put gap between us and pipo to fit slow di way wen di virus dey take spread. Some example na make we work from house, close all schools down, postpone or  cancel any gathering wen plenti pipo go dey.Wen yu put space between yu and oda pipo, we fit reduce d way wen di virus dey take spread so.

coronavirus disease

Dis word dey veri important if yu wan reduce d way wen d virus dey take spread, plus how yu go do social distancing, wash yur hand everi time, and wear mask.

Isolation mean sey make yu separate pipo wen sick from di ones wen no sick, quarantine na how you dey take separate pipo wen fit dey exposed to virus. Dem no go allow dem to interact or have contact wit oda pipo dem until dem don sure sey dem no dey infected. Experts wan see weda dem go dey sick.

Who make e do self-quarantine?

If yu don travel go any of dose places wen di virus dey spread so like China, Iran, Italy and South Korea, e go need make yu self quarantine for house. Make yu do am for 14 days from di time wen yu commot from dose countries. Wen yu dey quarantine so, make yu no get any visitor and make yu stay far from oda pipo at all times. According to C.D.C, di moment yu dey quarantine reach 14 days and nothing do yu, den yu no dey at risk to oda pipo.

Wen yu divide d numba of pipo wen don die by di total numba of cases wen dem don confirm, na dat one dem dey call fataliti rate. Scientist dey hope sey dem go get fatality rate wen dey comprehensive for di  Covid-19 infection and dis one include efri bodi wen get di virus.

W.H.O. talk sey di fataliti rate of di new coronavirus dey about 3%, wen yu base am on current data. But experts suggest sey  1% dey more realistic.

coronavirus disease

D high rate wen di virus take dey spread, make am dey hard to fit effectiveli contain di outbreak of di virus. Containment na wen yu use any too take reduce di way wen disease dey spread.

Category 1 travella

People wen need to self isolate, regardless of weda dem show symptom or not. If dem by any chance don travel go Hubei Province inside China, Iran, Italy, or Daegu and Cheongdo for South Korea.

Category 2 travella

Travellas wen dey come back from countries wen include Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. Make dese pipo onli self isolate and make dem call  NHS 111 if dem start to develop any symptom.

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