Video: Corps Member Honours Mother With Parade In Gratitude For Putting Him Through School

Video: Corps Member Honours Mother With Parade In Gratitude For Putting Him  Through School

This show of gratitude has since gone viral.

There's a viral video of a corps member who honoured his mother for putting him through school. He did this by doing a parade and saluting her when he returned home from camp.

In the video shared online, the corps member is seen marching towards his mother; and then taking off his cap to salute her.

A Little About The Grateful Corps Member

Video: Corps Member Honours Mother With Parade In Gratitude For Putting Him  Through School

His name is Evesi Collins and he currently serves as a National Youth Service Corps Member in Kwara State.

The National Youth Service Corps member was seen in a video performing a parade in front of his mother. The corps member was also heard saluting his mother loudly during the parade.

And Collins did the parade exactly how he was taught to do it in the National Youth Service orientation camp. Also, the proud mum had on her son's NYSC khaki jacket as the parade went on.

Watch The Viral Video Here

A lot is said about the entitled mentality of the millennial generation. It is, therefore, a breath of fresh air to have videos such as this go viral. Because as we all know, it has become increasingly difficult to raise children in our part of the world. Also, quality education is expensive, so any parent who successfully sends their ward through school, up to the graduate level, deserves many accolades. We've included a few tips on how to instill the gratitude attitude in your children. See them below.

5 Tips For Teaching Children Gratitude

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Teaching children how to say "thank you" is important; but truly instilling in them a sense of gratitude is level completely. Gratitude is way more than good manners. It's a mindset that influences a lifestyle of its own.

Name your blessings

Have a moment of thanks each day when everyone shares something they're thankful for. This daily tradition can help develop a positive frame of mind. Older kids might even prefer to keep a gratitude journal and write down a few things they were thankful for each day before going to bed.

Be grateful parents

Children learn from you 24-7, you don’t get to choose that. But what you can do is make sure they live with parents who are grateful for what they have; express it constantly, and act it up in the way they live.

Expose them to reality

It’s easy to live in a bubble created by the media, and the veneer of comfort that separates us from the rest of the world. But it is dangerous for your children. Take them to visit orphanages, charity homes, even IDP camps. Your teenage children could also learn from a visit to the prisons or delinquent homes. Showing is more powerful than telling them about our imperfect world.

Do not spoil them

It’s a fact—kids who have more stuff than they need don’t even like what they have anymore. When parents help feed the ungrateful habit, you sabotage the growth of grace in our children. Think about it.

Look for teachable moments

Sure, we all take the opportunity to have periodic conversations about values with our children. But the key is to keep our eyes open for situations that eloquently illustrate our point. We need to seize those moments and be prepared to use them as the powerful teaching aids that they are. When kids can connect the concept of gratitude to a real-life situation, the lesson we're teaching will be much more likely to stick. For instance, see these life lessons from the Lion King that your children will relate to.

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