Lady Reveals Plan To Have The Biggest 'Oranges' In The World

Lady Reveals Plan To Have The Biggest 'Oranges' In The World

Early today , A German actress and model revealed on social media her mission to own the biggest bosom in the world. The lady would be achieving the feat through medical procedures and cosmetic surgery. She plans to inflate her "oranges" up to 20 litres.

In what could be described as a rather surprising mission, a German model identified as Martina Big, recently revealed her plans to become the female with the biggest mammary glands in the entire world. Martina Big recently had an interview with The Sun. She disclosed that she had undergone 26 procedures involving cosmetic surgery to achieve the current size of her "oranges". Her breasts are so so big, that she has to have her bras specifically custom made.

“You can’t buy them so I have to get them made by a tailor. It is hard work for him as my bras have to be so big and stable,” Big said.

So we would love to know what you think about cosmetic surgery and breast enlargement...Would you do it? Should the model achieve her goal of expanding the size of her oranges more than the current size? It means she will be taking the title from Florida’s Maxi Mounds, who currently holds the title of the world’s largest augmented bosoms.

We previously gathered the report of a Lagos-based cosmetic surgeon identified as Anu, who took to her heels after performing a failed procedure that resulted into the death of a client. Word went round that Anu was not in fact  a certified surgeon but only got customers because she was well known by many in Lagos.

The Impact of Large Breasts On Your Health

The health challenges of having large breasts cannot be underestimated, with an increasing number of women suffering from problems including crippling back, neck and arm pain, headaches, friction rash, cysts in skin folds and even curvature of the spine.

In fact, a study published in the journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery claimed that a woman with very large breasts can lose five years off her life if she doesn’t get them reduced. A further Scandinavian study has found that breast reduction is as good for the health and activity levels of women as a hip replacement because the weight of large breasts can make the spine curve and trigger disc or nerve damage.

And the problem is set to get worse, as it turns out women are naturally developing bigger chests. In the Fifties, the average cup size was a B. Now retailers such as M&S and Debenhams say D is their most popular size, with underwear chain Bravissimo adding an L to its range.

Dr Marilyn Glenville, an expert in women’s hormones, says the fact that puberty starts earlier may play a part.

“Girls today begin menstruating sooner, so we have far more periods than our grandmothers,” she says. “This means we are exposed to more monthly surges of the hormone oestrogen, and that may trigger the growth of extra breast tissue.”

Experts say it’s vital to invest in good sports bras to minimize bounce – as research has found that the average 38D breast moves about five inches from top to bottom with each running stride.

Source: Instagram, Mirror

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