These Countries Do Not Require Visas If You Are From Kenya

These Countries Do Not Require Visas If You Are From Kenya

The strict immigration and border laws make it hard to travel often in Africa. But, there are countries that don't need visa especially if you are Kenyan.

For a lot of Kenyan people, there are countries with great people, idyllic scenery and historical sites, and they want to visit these countries. But there's the chaotic image of obtaining visas that is perpetually lodged in their memories. These struggles have come to be associated with visas generally. And that puts them off. But thankfully, the Kenyan passport ranked 70 in the Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index. This is an annual global ranking of countries according to travel freedom their citizens can enjoy. For Kenyan citizens, their number on the ranking means they can travel to 68 countries that don't need a visa. And for where E-visas are needed, they are easily obtained and are given the same treatment as visas in terms of the fee, hotel reservations, and a return ticket. 

Henley & Partners have, for more than a decade, assessed and evaluated visa regulations globally so that they can produce an accurate index where countries are ranked according to how many other countries and territories they can be allowed passage without a visa. And Henley & Partners produce this index in collaboration with International Air Transport Association (IATA), using their world’s largest database of travel information. 

For Kenyans, below are the countries that don't need a visa

For Kenyans looking to see other countries without the hassle of a visa, the countries listed below are visa-free.


1) Antigua and Barbuda

2) Bahamas

3) Barbados

4) Botswana

5) Burundi

6) Hong Kong

7) Dominica

8) Eritrea

9) Ethiopia

10) Fiji

11) The Gambia

12) Ghana

13) Grenada

14) Haiti

15) Indonesia

16) Jamaica

17) Kiribati

18) Lesotho

19) Malawi

20) Malaysia

21) Mauritius

22) Micronesia

23) Namibia

24) Panama

25) Philippines

26) Saint Kitts and Nevis

27) Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

28) Senegal

29) Singapore

30) Swaziland

31) Tanzania

32) Trinidad and Tobago

33) Uganda

34) Vanuatu

35) Zambia

36) Zimbabwe

Visa on arrival 

1) Bolivia

2) Burkina Faso

3) Cambodia

4) Cape Verde

5) Comoros

6) The Democratic Republic of the Congo

7) Djibouti

8) Guinea-Bissau

9) Iran

10) Laos

11) Madagascar

12) Maldives

13) Mali

14) Mauritania

15) Nepal

16) Nigeria

17) Palau

18) Rwanda

19) Saint Lucia

20) Samoa

21) Seychelles

22) Sierra Leone

23) South Sudan

24) Sudan

25) Timor-Leste

26) Togo

27) Tuvalu


) Bahrain

2) Gabon

3) Georgia

4) India

5) Sri Lanka


Are you Kenyan? Time to assemble your luggage and travel to see the world beyond your horizon. 

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Written by

Lydia Ume