COVID-19: Pikin Wen Dey Belle No Fit Catch Di Virus, Expert Say.

COVID-19: Pikin Wen Dey Belle No Fit Catch Di Virus, Expert Say.

Di virus no dey di amniotic fluid, pikin throat or breast milk.

As COVID-19 pandemic still dey hold many nation ransom around di world, plenti pipo dey fear how dis disease go take affect dem as individuals and dia loved ones. Studi show sey person wen get weak immune system or serious disease dey at risk to get di virus. But wetin go happen to women wen fit catch viral respiratori infection like flu just becos dem get belle? One major concern wen pipo get na shey Covid-19 fit affect pikin for belle even if di mama catch am?

COVID-19 effects on unborn baby

Although dem still dey do studi to confirm am, experts don talk sey  COVID-19 no fit affect pikin for belle even if di mama catch am.

COVID-19 Dey Affect Pikin Wen Dey Belle

Mamas wen get belle, wen go catch covid-19 for dia third trimester results don show sey di virus no affect dia belle, so transmission no dey between di mama and foetus. Na Associate Professor Tan Hak Koon wen dey in charge of Ob/Gyn for KK Women And Shidren Hospital talk so.

Dem base dis studi for nine british women wen get belle, and di virus infect dem for dia third trimester.

Six of di shidren wen dem test afta deliveri no get covid-19. Di result also show sey di foetus no die for belle becos of di virus wen infect dia mama for third trimester.

COVID-19: Pikin Wen Dey Belle No Fit Catch Di Virus, Expert Say.

COVID-19 Effects On Unborn Baby: a study by the Harvard Medical School revealed that the virus was not present in amniotic fluid, the babies’ throats, or in breast milk. | Photo: iStock

Anoda studi from Harvard Medical School also show sey covid-19 no dey affect pikin inside belle: “Di Virus no dey dia amniotic fluid, throat or breast milk.”

But Prof Tan warn sey dem neva get betta findings about weda covid-19 dey affect pikin wen dey belle if di mama still dey her first or second trimester.

“Dem need to gada more data before dem go fit conclude weda woman wen dey first or second trimester dey at risk of miscarriage if she contact covid-19, say Prof Tan.

Wen yu compare dem with women wen no get belle, do ones wen get belle no get worse outcome becos of di covid-19 infection with data wen dem gada.

COVID-19 effects on unborn baby

Risk of infection no dey increase wen yu get belle

Associate Professor Su Lin Lin, wen be division head of the maternal fetal medicine for National University Hospital agree with am.

While mamas wen get belle dey more susceptible to catch viral respiratory infections like flu, she say e no dey reduce immuniti wia covid-19 dey.

Professor Su talk sey women wen get belle no dey at high risk if covid-19 infect dem.

“But with all dese,yu go happy to know sey pikin no dey get di severe virus.” say Roger Shapiro, wen be Associate Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases  for Harvard Medical School. “But for now, we neva get plenti data.”

So far woman wen get belle take precaution, she no get any thing to worri about.

Source: Harvard Medical School, The Straits Times

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