Turn memories into millions! It’s possible… 

Turn memories into millions! It’s possible… 

Your precious memories are the key to winning ₦1,000,000 in cash or fabulous prizes from Cussons.

Time with our babies goes by so fast. One moment, they are cooing softly in our arms, and the next, they’re running around the house and shouting at the top of their lungs. We try to slow down time by taking pictures of our children and capturing those precious moments forever, but we never succeed at stopping time from going by too fast. These memories – baby’s first smile, his first tooth, her funny laugh – are truly priceless to us moms.

To celebrate these precious, magical memories, Cussons is giving away ₦1,000,000 to one lucky mom and baby. All you have to do is share a photo of one of your special moments with your baby, and you could be our winner!

Cussons has been there with you every step of your journey. From your baby’s first mild and gentle body wash to your after-bath routine, Cussons has been a part of your every day. Now we are celebrating the magic memories you’ve made with your baby by giving away a total of 5 million naira worth of cash and prizes.

It’s so easy to join!

To join the Cussons Baby Moments competition, all you have to do is follow these three simple steps:

Step 1

Buy a Cussons Baby Gift Pack or any 3 Cussons products.

Step 2

Snap a creative photo of your baby (0-24 months old) with the products.

Step 3

Upload the photo by clicking on this link: http://bit.ly/CBMSeason6.

Here’s a helpful tip: In addition to the ₦1,000,000 cash grand prize, there are also 3 categories with special prizes. So if you send a photo that fits these categories, you have more chances to win!

cussons baby moments

The Cussons Baby Moments categories are: 

  1. Toothy Smile
  2. Candid Shot
  3. Best Concept

Winners in these categories will win 50,000 naira and 3 months supply of Cussons Baby products each!

Hurry! Join the competition now.

For more information, visit the Cussons site.

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