Kiddie fashion: Cute Sunday outfits for kids

Kiddie fashion: Cute Sunday outfits for kids

On Sundays, it is always a pleasure to see beautifully-dressed children. This explains why parents go out of their way to buy cute Sunday outfits for kids.

Tips for buying cute Sunday outfits for kids

When buying outfits for kids, you need to consider style and comfort. You also need to consider the child’s preferences. If your child is hyperactive, you might want to purchase high-quality jumpsuits, jeans or chinos pants that won’t restrict movement or rip during play.

What designs and accessories should you dress your child in this Sunday?

Here is a list of the trendiest outfits your children will love to wear on Sunday. The outfits are perfect for religious engagements, weddings, and other semi-formal events. They include attires and accessories for boys and girls.

15 cute Sunday outfits for kids – girls

1) Ankara jumpsuits

cute sunday outfits for kids

Ankara jumpsuit. source: Fashion Police Nigeria

Girls look gorgeous in Ankara jumpsuits. Don’t be shy to embellish the attire with gorgeous ruffles and ribbons. Accessories like wristwatches and bangles can brighten up the overall look of your little princess.
Fashionable ankara jumpsuits are perfect for children who enjoy running around.

2) Bunny-ears headband

cute sunday outfits for kids

Floral bunny ears headband. source:

The bunny-ears headband is like a tiara. This accessory holds her hair in place and also makes her look like a sparkly princess. Sequined colorful headbands delight little fashion enthusiasts.

4) white blouse

cute sunday outfits for kids

white blouse

Girls look elegant in white blouses. You should definitely consider purchasing a white blouse because it can be worn with anything.

You can pair it with pleated skirts or jeans. Matching culottes ramp up the elegance of the top.

5) Glossy leather cover-shoes

Kiddie fashion: Cute Sunday outfits for kids

Black leather shoes

Your little girl will thoroughly enjoy strutting about in her shiny leather cover-shoes. White or black, pink or yellow, these footwears are excellent for religious outings and other semi-formal events such as weddings, inauguration ceremonies etc. They can be worn alongside princess dresses and ball gowns.

6) Floral party dress and t-strapped sandals

cute sunday outfits for kids

What makes the floral party dress special is it’s soft and exciting fabric. Nothing beats a breezy, crisp party dress made with cotton.
Pair this outfit with t-strapped sandals. They come in various colors and are very versatile. T-strapped sandals are comfortable and stylish.

7) Princess dress

cute sunday outfits for girls

These flowing frilly dresses delight young fashionistas. And why not? Every little girl imagines she’s a princess, just like Sofia the First. Make her dreams come true by dressing her up in a sequined princess dress. With a bunny-eared headband and a cute pair of shoes, she’ll look elegant and happy.

Cute Sunday fashion kids: boys

1) Dress shirt

Kiddie fashion: Cute Sunday outfits for kids

Dress shirt

Dress shirts are classy and gorgeous. Boys look very serious and formal in longsleeve, button-down shirts. What’s more, these shirts come with ties. This simplifies the process of getting your little boy ready for that outing.

2) Pinstripe vest set

Kiddie fashion: Cute Sunday outfits for kids

Your little boy will thoroughly enjoy striking poses in this classy five-piece set. With the shirt, clip-on necktie, vest, trousers and bow tie, dressing him up will be super easy. You won’t have to worry about being late for events.

3) Checkered button-down shirt

cute sunday outfits fo kids

This unique fashionable shirt is best paired with plain trousers or chinos. Boys often stand out in this comfortable attire.

4) Shirt with bow-tie and shorts

cute sunday outfits for kids

If your prince gets fussy when it’s time to dress up, you’ll be glad to get this one. The ready-made bow tie simplifies the entire outing preparation process. Again, he’ll look smashing in the accompanying suspenders.

5) Black leather dress shoes

Kiddie fashion: Cute Sunday outfits for kids

There is something about the quintessential black leather dress shoes. Boys look elegant in them. And they can be worn to formal, semi-formal and informal events.

6) Boat shoes

Kiddie fashion: Cute Sunday outfits for kids

Classic and timeless boat shoes are a staple in every boy’s wardrobe. These shoes come in various colors. If you want comfy and stylish shoes, then purchase boat shoes.

7) Three-piece suit

cute sunday outfit for kids

The set should contain a shirt, matching trousers and a suit jacket. He’ll look princely and respectable in them. This attire is perfect for formal and semi-formal events.

Final thoughts for cute Sunday outfits for kids

Shopping for children’s clothing isn’t an easy task. You have to choose from a wide range of designs, colors, and sizes. Here are other important things parents should consider when selecting cute Sunday outfits for kids:

• The quality of the fabric

• Choose attires that feature the child’s favorite colors

• Choose soft and smooth materials; avoid rough and itchy fabrics

• No fringe or strings for infants and toddlers as strings and fringes can strangle children

• Look out for excellent finishing

• Creatively designed clothes appeal to kids

If you’re on a budget, you can look out for deals and try to buy during the off-season. With the options on our list, your job is half done. All you have to do is make the right choices at the right time.

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Julie Adeboye