Cyclone Idai: Survivors are desperate for help!

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Nature’s wrath keeps reminding us to stay humble and respect mother Earth time and again. This time the unfortunate natural disaster has taken place in Africa- Madagascar and Mozambique.

Mozabinque’s port city Beira has been impacted the most, confirming 200 official deaths and many more yet to be added in the list due to cyclone Idai.

People are getting help slowly and steadily but the survivors and the surrounding areas have started to panic as the rescue operations and aid are not as quick as desired.

As told to BBC news, “I have nothing. I have lost everything. We don’t have food. I don’t even have blankets. We need help,” one woman sighs in the village of Manhava.

Beira’s geography, with parts of it lying below sea level, has always made it vulnerable to effects of extreme weather like Cyclone Idai which made landfall last week with winds of up to 177 km/h (106 mph).

The cyclone has tossed and broke down houses and roads causing people to look around for help desperately to even feed themselves.


cyclone idai

image credits: BBC news

As reported by BBC, everyone has been begging any outsider who enters this location for help in desperation as they have been relentlessly waiting for aid. Their loss can never be compensated, neither overlooked upon.

“Many villages have been washed away. We found women and children holding on to trees. We are doing what we can,” said one of the rescuers to BBC

More rains are expected and those who made it to safety are the lucky ones. Mozambique President Felipe Nyusi has said more than 100,000 people are at risk – and there is growing concern that help may not get to them in time.#

The concern now is, who is going to help and make sure that the remaining areas in danger do not suffer like the others too. Our prayers for everyone going through this tough phase.

Source: BBC

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