Practical Ways For Dads To Bond With Their Babies

Practical Ways For Dads To Bond With Their Babies

Bonding with your new baby can be tough for dads. There are ways to make the process easy for you

For some dads, bonding with their newborn baby comes naturally, but for some, it takes a bit of time. Although there is no cause for alarm, still some dads worry when they don't bond right away. No dad wants to tell anyone that they are having trouble bonding with their newborn because why shouldn't it happen right away when it comes so naturally with the baby's mum. So it ought to come naturally with them, too.

How Dads Can Improve Bonding With Their Babies

You just became a dad and it's an exciting time but all very new to you. Here are a few ways for a dad to start bonding with his baby.

practical ways dad can bond with baby

Hold the baby close

Breastfeeding is a bonding moment between mum and the baby. Mum holds the baby close to her chest and the baby gets a direct view into her eyes. As a new dad adopt this positioning when you bottle-feed the newborn. This way the baby looks straight into your eyes.

Soothe the baby

Learn to pacify the baby when she's crying or in distress. You can try singing softly to the baby, or pick her up and walk her around, or rock her gently. This lets the baby know that mum is not the only source of comfort.

Spend the night with the baby

Put in a night shift and give mom a breather and a chance to sleep all through the night. You will be the first responder with your feeding bottle when the baby cries in the night. This way you spend some alone time with the baby.

Be the funny guy

dad bond with baby

Be the funny guy by making up silly faces. Make sure you don't make a scary face. If you're good in this your baby would begin to crack a smile when you make them.

Change the baby's diapers

This can be a bonding moment with your newborn. As you change a diaper you get to talk to her and make some more of those silly faces.

Dance with the baby

Even if the baby is just a few months old you can still organize a dancing party. Put on some soft music and pick the baby up. Rock the baby as a form of dancing. It'll be fun. And as the baby gets older you can hold her hand while dancing.

Pick a special playtime

Picking a special playtime makes the baby expectant and happy. Whenever the time draws near, the baby will be expecting daddy to come to play. Make sure to be consistent.

Practical Ways For Dads To Bond With Their Babies

Consistent bedtime routine

Develop a bedtime routine and be consistent. This is important for the baby's sleep through the night. Chose a part of the baby's bedtime routine to be part of. Try being part of her bath before bed. This can be a bonding moment that lets the baby know bath time equals bedtime.

Bonding with a baby can be instantaneous for some dads. But if you're not one of those dads, patience and commitment is required during the bonding process. Take a paternity leave if possible and give the baby as much of your time as possible.


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