Here Na How Dates Dey Increase Sperm Count And Why Men Need To Eat Am.

Here Na How Dates Dey Increase Sperm Count And Why Men Need To Eat Am.

Wen man get low sperm count, dem sey na becos he no get enuf zinc for bodi or e get some kine Vitamins wen no dey him bodi. So, e go favour man pass if he add dates to wetin he dey chop, as e go give am d necessari things wen he need and e go even help am boost him sperm count join.

Scientists don prove sey dates dey increase sperm count. Dates na one of d tastiest dry fruit wen dey available through out d year. E get plenti nutrient, some pipu dey chop am make dem for fit  get energy. Na wetin dey make Muslims use am take break dia fast wen Ramadan dey. Wen yu dey fast, yur body dey lose energy, and wen yu chop dates e go help yu boost yur energy.

But e be like sey no be only to increase yur energy na im date dey for. Science talk sey date fruit fit increase d way wen sex go dey hungry yu; Dates dey increase sperm count and help yu save yur marriage. Research don prove wetin tradition wisdom dey talk since. Dates dey improve yur sex life wen e increase d way wen yu go dey urge for sex and e go improve yur performance for sex.

Science talk sey dates dey increase sperm count and dis na anoda reason why e good make men dey chop am .

How dates dey increase sperm count?

Make yu look, see wetin research show for down.

How Dates Take Dey Increase Sperm Count

dates increase sperm count

Pipu wen been dey practice traditional medicine use d pollen wen dey date palm take make antidote wen go help man wen get fertility wahala. With dis kine background, some researchers come go investigate wetin dey dis local antidote.

E get one experimental study wen na Bahmanpour et al lead am for 2006. Researchers discova say dates dey increase sperm count and reproductive system wen dey adult rat, wen dem use take do d experiment. Scientist see sey as d rat dey chop d date na so him sperm count, motility and DNA quality dey increase. Dates also increase d weight of d testes and epididymis. Na estradiol and flavonoid na im take d credit so: dese na components wen dey dates wen dey help increase sperm count.

For November 2016, two experts for sexual health inside Lagos advise make men dey try chop dates; dem sey d more wen dem chop dates, d more wen dia sexual performance go improve and na so d way wen dem go get hunger for sex go high.

D man tell News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) sey wen men chop dates d way wen dem suppose eat am, e fit make dia health condition betta for plenti ways. E fit help dem commot shame sey dem no sabi do dia partna well for bed, na so experts tok am.

One of d men wen dem call, Dr. Aminu Kazeem,  who be sexual health therapist wen dey work for Energy for Sex Clinic inside Lagos; talk sey make men wen get wahala to dey satisfy dia women for bed add dates to dia diet.

“To chop dates dey improve sperm count and promote d quality and quantity of sperm as na one of d best natural fruit wen dey promote fertility for men bodi. E dey increase size of testes for men and breasts for women. To dey chop dis fruit dey help sex disorder and na natural aphrodisiac.”

He still talk sey dates dey get estradiol and flavonoid wen dey veri  high, as na dese two things dey increase sperm count and help sperm motility.

E Dey Increase Sexual Urge And Do Oda Things For Yu

dates increade libifo

No be onli sey dates dey increase sperm count and motility, e get oda ogbonge things wen e dey do for bodi. E dey good for yur health. Some oda health benefits of dates wen yu chop na:

E dey maintain sugar level:

Shey yu wan satisfy dis craving wen yu get for sugar? Instead make yu eat plenti sweet mouth wen dem make with sugar, eat some dates or sweet wen dem use dates take make, e go beat d craving for sugar wen yu dey get, for way wen dey healthy. Na betta substitute for white sugar as e no get sodium, cholesterol and fats. But rememba sey e dey high in calorie, so too much of am fit make yu fat.

Aid digestion

As dem small rich, dem get fibre, na im be sey e dey good for yur digestive system and go help yu go toilet. E dey also prevent bad cholesterol wen fit give yu heart problem like hypertension, stroke, heart disease, etc.

Prevent anaemia


Iron na veri important nutrient wen yur body need to help prevent anaemia. E dey help red blood cell carry oxygen go different part of d body wen go help am work well. If yu no get enuf iron for body, yu go just dey tire anyhow wen yu do small work. To chop dates dey help yu commot dis wahala.

Lower risk of heart disease

Dates get 656 mg of potassium  inside am per 100g, na im make dem talk sey e be baba for potassium. WHO guideline talk sey e good make everi adult dey take  3,510 mg potassium every day. If yu take potassuim wen no reach dat amount, e fit make yu dey exposed to high blood pressure, stroke, etc.

Improve health generally.

Apart from all wetin we don mention for up, dates dey rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin B6. D body need magnesium and calcium make d bone for fit grow well; while vitamin B6 dey important to help yu break protein down and help yur nerve maintain normal function wen e dey do.


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