Ladies Who Accused Davido Of Impregnating One Of Them Claim It Was A Joke

Ladies Who Accused Davido Of Impregnating One Of Them Claim It Was A Joke

Two young ladies, Susan and Helen accused Davido of impregnating the former, Susan. However, Davido set out to find them and take them to court, even after they retracted their statement claiming it was a joke.

There’s something to be said about this constant thirst for attention on social media to the point of absurdity. Data and a smartphone are all one needs to get upto mischief, such as one woman who claims she is carrying Davido’s child. Davido seems to have found himself at the receiving end of one such mischief-makers just days after his fiancee gave birth to his son. To say that the Blow My Mind singer is displeased is probably an understatement. 

A lady claims she is carrying Davido’s child


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According to Punch, A lady and her sister, named Helen and Susan respectively, released a video in which they claimed that Davido impregnated Susan. They claimed that Davido slept with Susan at a popular Lagos hotel. Additionally, according to Helen, she was at the hotel celebrating her birthday with her sister when Davido encountered Susan. And that the pregnancy is a few weeks old. 

Davido was quick to refute their claims, calling it an audio pregnancy. But it didn’t stop there. It appeared that this one hit below the belt. He also bemoaned the fact that people were taking this clout chasing too far, that he is going to make sure that the two ladies were brought to book. 

He tweeted: “Y’all taking this clout chasing and social media shit too far!! Imma go to the end of the world and use all my power to make sure dem h*** end up in prison!!!!!”

Retraction Of Statements After Davido Posted A Tweet

However, sensing that the heat is getting turned on, the ladies were quick to attempt steering the situation to safer grounds. They released another video on Instagram claiming that it was all a joke. While another voice could be heard in the background demanding for money, Helen is saying,  “It was all a joke and you took it personally and started…I’m tired of your people oh. Naija, a ya werey gan.”

But Davido was having none of it. It doesn’t seem like he is ready to forgive and let this one slide. He insists that as much as he’d like to forgive, they went too far, causing distress for his fiance who just gave birth to his first son. 

He wrote: “After all the good I do for the community and people this what I get. My wife stays out of the way, doesn’t bother anybody. She minds her business and this is what she got after 9 months of carrying my first son. They went too far. As much as I’d love to forgive them this one I can’t and they must face the law.” 

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