Twitter's Reaction To Davido And Chioma's Engagement

Twitter's Reaction To Davido And Chioma's Engagement

Davido proposed to his girlfriend after their introduction and twitter users reacted to the news

David Adedeji Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, is in the news again. This time it is not for his singing prowess but for dear old love. The Nigerian superstar Davido has proposed to his girlfriend, Chioma. 

Even if you’re a remote follower of Nigerian entertainment news, by now you must have gotten the sense that Davido does things in his own fashion. He does them when he wants them done and how he wants them done. And he does not shy away from flouting his wealthy lifestyle. 

How Davido Proposed To Chioma

Twitter's Reaction To Davido And Chioma's Engagement

Source: Instagram @davidoofficial

Again, it is the manner he has gone about the proposal to Chioma that has gotten Nigerians talking on Twitter. Normally, in Nigeria (and pretty much everywhere else) you propose before every other thing can follow. But Davido turned everything on its head. He went about the business of Introduction before even proposing. Nigerians think she couldn’t have been expected to say no to Davido. Some congratulated him while others took shots and punned on it in regular Nigerian fashion. 


King N●-N● 🌟



Davido sealing the Victory for NG Men as he scores late on a Cold Night at the Chioma Stadium in London. We Nigerian Men are Proud of our Super Striker Davido. May God bless his Union with Chioma 🙏


David Adedeji Adeleke, Davido has proposed to his girlfriend, Chioma. 

Source: Instagram @thechefchi

👑 DaddyMo 👑

Davido and Chioma are getting married. Bitterleaf twitter won’t be very pleased with this news but that’s their business. They can enter pot and make soup





So Davido proposed to Chioma after their family introduction? These people are playing with us on this app! Congrats Chi Chi💍


Igwilo Kelechi †



A union that would shake the internet! #ASSURANCE2020 it’s happening! It has happened. A love story come true, upon all the talks, rumors spread around. Chioma & Davido is finally a true love story. In this life, mind you and yours. Let people talk! Congratulations OBO  💍





So Davido proposed to Chioma and she said YES, is now trending. 🙄🙄

Wait!!! So y’all expecting Chioma to say NO before?🤔🙄


E-zrael Ani



Was Davido thinking Chioma will say no to his proposal ? Lmao, David doesn’t really know who Davido is oooooo


How Davido and Chioma met?


According to Chioma, she met Davido in school through a friend who was dating Davido’s friend at the time. While the singer confirmed on Twitter that he’s been with Chioma for five years when some Twitter users complained that it was all too sudden. Looking into the timeline, it means that the lovebirds met when they were 20 and 18 respectively. 

Congratulations to them!

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