De Pregnancy Signs: How You Fit Know Sey You Don Get Belle?

De Pregnancy Signs: How You Fit Know Sey You Don Get Belle?

If you sabi sey belle don enter, you fit start early to prepare. Enuf time go dey for you to do de essential tins for women wey get belle.

E nor dey tey before your body go start to dey send you signal sey you don get belle. Wetin come dey confuse for dere be sey, you fit no figure am if de symptom dey show sey you don get bele or na your period. Dis na because both of dem get similar symptoms. De pregnancy signs fit show up around de time wey your period don due, but period no go show face. If you quick find out whether na pregnancy symptoms or na period, e go helep you know if time don reach make you hide de wine glasses and start to dey shop pikin tins.

Early pregnancy symptoms dey different from person to person. Some women go don dey feel sey sometin don enter a week or two wen dem get belle and some no dey feel anytin until e don reach some month wey belle enter. For one study on top dis mata, 136 women wey dey try get pregnant dey keep d daily record of dem symptoms from de time wey dem stop to dey use birth control till dem belle don reach 8 weeks. Na im be sey dem count 8 weeks from de first day wey dem get dem last menstrual period.

  • 50 percent get some symptoms sey dem dey pregnant by de time de belle don reach 5 weeks.
  • 70 percent see symptoms by 6 weeks.
  • 90 percent see symptoms by 8 weeks.

How Early Pregnancy Symptoms Fit Take Start

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De sign wey evribodi know pass na wen de woman miss period. But before dat one happen, your body go don dey prepare for de belle for nor less dan two weeks. Some of dem early pregnancy symptoms fit start around six days after de belle enta. Your body go start to dey ready for de belle almost immediately after de egg don fertilize, and some of dem changes dey cause physical symptoms. As dem hormone levels inside your body dey increase, e dey cause de symptoms wey you dey feel.

Wetin you suppose look for during dose first few weeks after conception? Many women report sey dem feel different small for dat time. You fit tink sey wetin you bin dey feel na from PMS until you realize sey de symptoms nor dey normal dis month. De changes dey cunni cunni, but you fit start to dey add am up if you notice more than one of de symptoms.

Some of de cunni cunni tins wey dey happen na: implantation spotting and cramping about six to 12 days after belle enta; tender breasts one to two weeks after belle enta; fatigue about one week after belle enta; and running away from food and nausea dey start around two weeks after belle don enta.

Dis table show you how dem symptom dey appear, week by week. Credit: Healthline

De common symptom wey dey follow na nausea, vomiting, fatigue, frequent urination, and breast tenderness and swelling. Dese symptoms fit nor dey serious and e fit dey serious. Na pregnancy test sure pass to take know sey you don get belle. Home pregnancy tests dey usually work like one week after you miss your period.

Oda signs of pregnancy wey you fit experience at 8 weeks na:

pregnancy signs and symptoms

  • Mild cramping or discomfort (without bleeding)
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Constipation
  • Heartburn
  • Nasal congestion
  • Shortness of breath
  • Food cravings or aversions
  • Light headedness
  • Spider veins
  • Itchy palms
  • Areas of darker skin (on the face, abdomen, or areolas)

Tips To Helep You Manage Your Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, or using illicit drugs.
  • If you dey on any medication, ask your dokito if dem fit affect your pikin wey don start to dey grow.
  • Dem early week for pregnancy fit make you feel week. Dey try to dey get enough sleep.
  • To dey keep your bedroom cool fit also help. Your body temperature fit dey higher for dem early stages of pregnancy.
  • You fit buy comfortable, supportive maternity bra to use relieve breast tenderness. Cotton, underwire-free bra na im dey comfortable pass.
  • Keep package of saltine crackers for your bed and eat small small before you get up for morning to helep settle morning sickness.
  • Dey drink plenty water to dey hydrated.
  • Call your dokito if you nor fit keep fluids or food down.
  • Purchase breast pads wey fit into your bra to reduce friction on your nipples and nipple pain.
  • Drink about 300 mL (big small pass cup) for extra fluids each day.
  • Plan out as you dey go bathroom ahead of time to avoid incontinence.
  • Consider switching to pregnancy-friendly exercises, if you never start yet.
  • Learn how to track your blood pressure regularly.
  • Ask your dokito about wetin you go dey eat wey go helep reduce blood pressure.


Experts speculate sey dese symptoms, unpleasant as dem be, fit serve important purpose if dem helep protect women make she no go chop wetin fit harm de pikin wey dey develop for dat early stage. Dem fit also alert some women to know sey dem don get belle and dis one go make dem adjust as dem dey live life before and go for prenatal care.

Since dem earliest symptoms nor dey begin till after de small pikin don dey form, assume sey you don get belle and take good care of yourself, even before you see dem symptoms or get positive pregnancy test.

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