Heartwarming Story: Loving Husband-to-be Washed Cars To Fund Wedding

Heartwarming Story: Loving Husband-to-be Washed Cars To Fund Wedding

In a moving act of love, Dennis Akare washed cars to fund their wedding. He was committed to holding onto his faith and having a church ceremony. Read on for tips you can apply to have a memorable wedding on a budget

Love is one of the greatest gifts of human existence. No wonder we feel magical when we fall in love. We can easily go the extra mile for people we cherish. And that's exactly what a young Ugandan man did when he went out of his way to give his beloved Gloria Anena the kind of wedding she deserves. The man, Dennis Akare washed cars to fund their wedding.

A 29-year-old Ugandan rugby player, who went washed cars for 12 months just to put a smile on the face of his wife. A journey that started since 2018, according to mywedding.co.ug. After identifying Gloria as the one, his biggest obstacle became the money to finance the kind of wedding she wouldn't forget in a hurry.

How did the love birds meet?

Dennis Akare washed cars to fund their wedding

The couple grew up in the same neighbourhood twenty years ago. But their journeys through life took them in different directions and they lost contact with each other. But providence had another thing coming, a reunion in love. In 2017, the pair met again during a rugby match and the rest is history. 

By Gloria's account, she said, “When I spotted Denis among the players, I rushed to greet him after the match, we started catching up and the relationship started from there.” 

When it was time for a proposal Dennis took his sweet time, preparing for three months. What drew him to Gloria was that she never belittled or looked down on him with condescension for any reason. Not for his job description or his cashless pocket. 

“I planned the proposal for three months but I could not muster enough courage to ask her. This time she walked me out of her hostel and I asked if she would be my date. She did not give me an answer there and then which caused me a lot of anxiety,” Dennis said. 

Though Dennis strove to give Gloria a great wedding, it could still be said to not be an elaborate affair by other people's standards. But it was enough to bring boundless joy to the heart of the couple. 

“While we took vows, I shed tears of joy because it was then that I realized he really loved me and he was meant for me. I was unsure of his earlier promises of marrying me,” Gloria concluded.

Dennis Akare washed cars to fund their wedding

How To Fund A Wedding On A Budget

Ideally, a wedding should not lead to you to debt. If you are on a budget, you can still have a wedding. Here’s how:

  1. Decide what is important

You have to decide what exactly is important to you and your partner. For example, your wedding gown and accessories could be a top priority. Consider your budget and set aside money accordingly for this and cut costs on things that are no quite necessary e.g. special effects

  1. Simplify your menu

Pick meals that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to prepare. E.g. Jollof rice is a common staple for weddings, Chinese food is not particularly necessary.

  1. Find out if anyone is willing to pitch in

Your friends and family might be willing to contribute to your wedding. Don’t be quiet about it, It mustn’t be monetary support, they could pick an aspect of the wedding bills to cover e.g., gift items to be given to guests.

  1. Thoughtful but less expensive gifts

You don’t have to give out an expensive gift to your guests. Give out thoughtful gifts instead, instead of a blender; you could give out serving trays. I once got a tabletop and laptop cleaner- not expensive but it has been quite useful.

  1. Consider the wedding style

The larger the wedding, the more expense you will make.  This is hard in Nigeria, but as much as within your power, cut down your guest list. An intimate affair can also be memorable.

Most importantly, a wedding is a celebration of love. The major concerns are you and your partner, and you two will go home to start your lives. Do not feel pressured by societal trends. Although Dennis Akare washed cars to fund their wedding, you can use these steps to achieve yours.

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Source: Mywedding.co

Written by

Lydia Ume