The Description Of A Good Mother: Does This Sound Familiar?

The Description Of A Good Mother: Does This Sound Familiar?

Every mum worries about doing a good job of raising kids. This explains why mothers sacrifice everything for their children; and yet, they wonder if they have done all that they should give their children an excellent life. Aside from this natural self-doubt all mothers face, what is the description of a good mother?

“Being a good mother requires a lot of long-suffering, wisdom and research,” says Nkem Ojo MD, a pediatrician at the Parklane Teaching Hospital.

It is actually important for every woman to learn about the roles that a good mother should play. Knowing the qualities of a good mother makes it easier for you to:

  • Be an excellent caregiver, friend, protector and teacher to your children
  • Avoid common mistakes parents make when raising children of all ages
  • Be confident in your parenting abilities
  • Trust your gut instincts

The following qualities have been chosen based on research, experience and expert advice.

Check out the most fitting description of a good mother

description of a good mother

1. Enduring Love

The first lesson motherhood teaches you is to love unconditionally, in good and in bad times. Sometimes, this love will exhaust you and drain every ounce of energy. At other times, this unconditional love will curl around you and make you feel warm and satisfied with the effort you’ve put into the job.

Children test the boundaries at all times. They will dare you to see how you’ll react. They want you to continue proving your love for them. Despite the difficulties, it is better to express your love for your children so that they won’t succumb to the antics of abusers who offer conditional love.

Beyond providing the necessities of life, spend quality time—playing, dancing, listening and chatting—with them.

2. Providing A Safe Space For Your Children

From the moment of conception, the mother is charged with the duty of providing a safe space for the child. And after the child is born, this responsibility becomes greater. The mother has to ensure that the home is healthy and safe for the child to live in.

Raising a child in a safe space helps to protect the child from trauma and other developmental disorders. Research has shown that children who grow up in unsafe environments are at risk of dabbling into criminal activities.

3. Educator and Disciplinarian

description of a good mother

Good mothers patiently teach their children the rules of life. And when the child fails, they patiently repeat the lesson. Using effective teaching methods, good mothers teach their children about responsibility, independence and hard work.
Parenting has never been more difficult.

There just seem to be too many opinions pulling children in different directions. Good mothers teach their children to hold on to their values, even in the face of adversity.

4. Good moms are supportive of their children’s dreams

One of the most important qualities of a good mother is the ability to support the child’s dreams and goals.

Every child has talents, dreams and goals that need to be nurtured. This talent might be storytelling, fashion design, painting, or even sports. And as we all know,
raw talent is never enough. It has to be sharpened and honed into perfection. Good mothers believe in their children and cheer them on.

Experts have also revealed that children who participate in extracurricular activities are unlikely to get into anti-social and criminal activities.
As a good mom, take extra measures to boost your child’s chances of excelling in their chosen fields of endeavor.

5. Description of a good mother: comforting

Let’s face it. The world can sometimes be a cruel place. Children will experience bullying, loss, failure, disappointment and heartbreak. As much as they will need a listening ear, they will also need a shoulder to cry on. A good mother must be available to play the role of comforter during tough times.

It is impossible to list the qualities of a good mother without mentioning her role as a comforter. A good mother comforts and advises even when the child has made a bad choice. It is difficult, but no one ever said motherhood was ever going to be easy.

While playing the role of comforter, mothers must take care to avoid enabling the child’s bad behavior. While consoling the child, point out areas where they could have acted more wisely or avoided danger. It is also important to point out inherent lessons.

Being a good mother requires, patience, humility, and love.. You can win the amazing mom trophy if you show unconditional love and acceptance, play the role of comforter and teacher and help your children develop their gifts and talents.

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Written by

Julie Adeboye