Baby development and milestones: Pikin wen be 1 month old

Baby development and milestones: Pikin wen be 1 month old

The first year of a newborn's life is one of the fastest in human development; it’s no wonder that when you have a baby, you often hear people say ‘they grow so quickly!’ or ‘time goes so fast!’ The best thing you can do is enjoy and marvel at your baby's month-by-month development.

How your 1 month old pikin take fragile and fine reach! While you fit think sey he no dey do pass make he  suck milk, sleep and cry, he don dey grow quick.

Make we dey see d milestone wen dis your 1 month old pikin wen you do you like gold so, suppose dey experience for dis time of him life.

1 Month Old Pikin Development: How Your Pikin Don Dey Ready to Look Life?


1 month old baby

Physical Development Of 1 month Old Pikin

When you just born pikin, he don already dey get some kind ogbonge things wen he fit do, even if he still get long way to go wen e reach development.

Pikin wen dem just born wen no get any medical problem don already get am inside am sey as dem just born am so, he must breathe. He go sabi hold your hand tight, he go even sabi him mama smell and go fit tell d difference between him mama and anoda persin. Some pikin don even dey suck hand wen dem still dey dem mama belle.

Forget sey your pikin carry all dis better skill come from belle, dat one month wen you just take born am, d only thing wen e go be like sey he sabi do na just to sleep, chop, cry, piss and shit. Wen pikin dey dis stage, e never sabi control him muscles dem, so he go dey rely mainly on top reflex action like to suck, yawn, sneeze and cry.

As pikin dey progress through dis first month of him life, he go start to see sey him get control of him body. Na big thing wen your pikin start to discover him hand. Belle go just dey sweet your pikin wen he see sey he fit use him hand take squeeze your finger, he fit even suck your finger wen he don dey hungry.

Your pikin go start to crawl, waka, run fast pass as you take think am  but for am to do all dese things, he go don discover him bodi.

Your 1 month old pikin suppose don dey kick him leg once he lie down for him back, hold your finger tight, use him eye take dey follow you up and down, he fit don dey raise him head wen you put am on top him belle.

E fit no be like sey plenty things dey happen for your pikin bodi wen e reach development, but all him senses don dey better.

  • Sight: Pikin wen dem just born go fit open him eye see almost immediately after dem born am. Him eye fit no go see wetin far pass one meter but he fit see your face once you hold am for your hand, na wetin be d gap between your breast and eye be. No panic if your pikin dey cross eye sometimes.  Na normal thing with pikin wen still dey small like dis.
  • Hear: As dem just born pikin, he fit start to hear from wen he dey 28 weeks inside belle. Inside your belle, he dey hear wen you dey follow am talk. Persin wen dey sabi do research don see sey pikin wen dem just born dey react strong to d sound of woman voice pass man voice.
  • Smell: Pikin nose dey sensitive. Your 1 month old pikin don sabi d difference between d smell of him mama and anoda persin smell.
  • Taste: Your pikin na lover of breastmilk. Him taste bud dey finely tuned to d sweet taste of your breastmilk.
  • Touch: Everybody for dis life need to feel d touch of anoda persin for am to fit talk sey him get feeling of wellbeing and happiness. Pikin massage na better way make you fit follow your pikin bond. D touch of your hand for him body go dey comforting. When you massage your pikin body gently, e go help am with him development. especially with him muscles.

For dis stage, your pikin  median length and weight* suppose be :

  • Boys
    – Length: 54.8 cm (21.6 inches)
    – Weight: 4.4 kg (9.8 lb)
  • Girls
    – Length: 53.8 cm (21.2 inches)
    – Weight: 4.3kg (9.6lb)

While him head suppose be:

  • Boys: 37.3 cm (14.7 inches)
  • Girls: 36.6 cm (14.4 inches

Anoda part wen dey important for your 1 month old pikin development na him reflex dem.

Pikin wen dem just born dey get some kind reflexes wen dem need to take survive.Dis one include d rooting reflex wen go fit make your pikin find your breast wen him cheek dey around your breast; the sucking and swallowing reflexes go let your pikin drink , while d gagging reflex no go allow am take plenti food.

D grasp reflex  follow dey sef, e go allow hold ur hand tight once you put finger inside him hand, and d moro reflex, na im dey responsible sey your pikin go dey shock wen noise too loud.


  • Make you help your 1 month old pikin sensory development. Wen you dey follow your pikin talk and sing, e dey help am develop him hearing , and wen you dey hug am, e dey stimulate him touch. No dey look time wen you take dey breastfeed, na wen your pikin hungry na im he go suck. Dat one dey help your pikin get better taste and e dey make am feel secured and loved. Papa try make you dey make d pitch of your voice high wen you dey follow your pikin play as e go make you and am close well well.
  • Never give your pikin toy wen get plenti colour yet. Wen your pikin still small like dis, e prefer make he dey look toys wen get colour like black, white,red. Dem go help make him sight strong.
  • Softly massage your pikin hand, leg, back and belle to help am make him muscles dem strong. Wen you massage your pikin belle small small clockwise, e go help am commot gas for him belle.
  • When you put your pikin on top him belle, he go turn him head make he for fit breathe, he no go lie down make him head dey ground. Dem dey call dis one labyrinthine reflex. So e dey good make your pikin lie down on top him belle. You go fit do am like 2-3 times every day. Na only wen you dey around you fit do am o, odawise no leave am on top him belle if you no dey dere.

When you fit see Doktor

If your pikin:

  • Dey show sign sey him no dey comfortable wen you softly dey turn him head from one side go anoda.
  • If he no dey show any sign wen noise loud well well
  • If to move him eye dey give am wahala, or remain cross-eyed
  • If him body get one  kind stiffness or floppiness.

Cognitive Development Of Your 1 month Pikin

Cognitive development na d process wen your pikin dey use take tink, remember, solve problem, and even make decision. You think sey dis one too much for your pikin, no be so!

From d time wen dem just born pikin, he don dey gather things wen relate to dis world wen dem born am put together with all d persin wen dey inside am. Your pikin go just dey look you, he dey hear wetin you dey talk and he dey study di things wen dey him environment. All dis things dey stimulate him cognitive development.


  • Cognitive development for pikin go depend on top different antenatal and postnatal factor like d mama health wen she get belle, d pikin gestation period wen dem take born, complication wen him mama dey labour, d way wen he fit take dey sick as he dey grow, together with genetic and environmental factor.
  • For dis kain time, e fit dey hard to fit sabi your pikin cognitive development, e get plenti things wen you go fit do to give your pikin brain better headstart.
  • You fit ddey show your pikin book wen get  bright picture. as you dey show am d picture dem, he go dey look d book dey hear your voice. D two go fit stimulate cognition.
  • Dey follow your pikin talk and sing every time. As he dey take hear your voice, e go calm am down, e go even make am know say you dey near am.
  • Give am toy wen no go make loud noise. E go dey stimulate him brain and ear dem.

When you fit see doktor:

If your pikin:

  • Use something take knack him head, especially dat part of him head wen dey soft.

Emotional and Social Development Of 1 Month Old Pikin

Pikin wen dem just born no go just carry cry because him dey, e fit be sey he get wetin him want. Maybe he dey hungry, him diaper wet, e tire and oda plenti plenti tings. E dey very important make you no dey ignore your pikin cry or leave am make he cry for long.

D only way wen your pikin sabi follow you talk na to cry. If you ignore am, e fit cause more wahala for him emotional development. Mama and Papa, make una know sey una pikin dey tuned to una emotionally. Na im be sey wen you dey happy, your pikin go know. Wen you no dey happy, himself no go dey happy.


  • Make you dey use voice wen slow and gentle take dey follow your 1 month old pikin dey talk.
  • No allow your 1 month old pikin cry until e tire. Na your touch go fit settle and soothe am, so he need am. If you no gree touch am, e fit harm him emotional development, after, e go even fit worry him regulation.

When you fit se doktor:

If your pikin:

  • No dey calm down once you carry am, touch am or follow am talk.


1 month old baby

Speech and Language Development

One thing wen dey interesting about pikin development be say d foundation wen d pikn go take talk and understand language start wen d pikin first dey develop him hearing inside belle.

Your 1 month old pikin no go talk for some few months, but as soon as you born am, he go don dey talk baby talk. Your pikin fit squeeze him face one kine, e fit even cry just to show wen him need something. He fit even dey laff wen you follow am talk lovingly or you sing to am.


  • Even if your pikin never sabi talk, make you follow am talk. After some time, he go start to respond wen you follow am talk. But you go don lay d foundation from start come.
  • Music na better way to take follow your pikin bond. Whether you dey follow am sing or you dey play gentle music.

When you fit see doktor:

If your pikin:

  • No dey respond wen you dey talk, you need to check him hearing.

Baby development and milestones: Pikin wen be 1 month old

Health and Nutrition for 1 month old pikin

For dis age, everything wen your pikin need to take grow na breastmilk –  e no get anoda thing.  Your breastmilk na better mixture of nutrient wen your pikin need to help am boost him mental and physical growth. E even get antibodies wen go protect am from disease. If he dey vomit after he eat, dat one na normal thing for him age.

From d time you take born your pikin till he reach 2 weeks, na normal thing say make he lose weight . But after dat time, he go start to add d weight back. Wen your pikin don reach 1 month old, he suppose don dey weigh between 3.2 to 5.7kg, and  he go dey around 19 to 23 inches long.

By dis time, your pikin umblical stump no go just dry, e go don even fall commot . E go come leave only him navel dere. You know sey some persin turn dia pikin dry stump to art?

Dat soft part wen dey your pikin head go still dey open so make you dey very careful wen you dey touch your pikin head or wen you dey baff am. Him neck still never strong, so put your hand for back of him neck wen you dey carry am.

Mama, you go feel sey you no dey sleep well because of your pikin. No worri, as he dey grow, e go dey better. Try make you sef sleep any time wen your pikin sleep, even if na for only 30 mins.

Your pikin go don dey ready to take him next vaccination of Hepatitis B dis month. Follow your doktor talk about am and any oda vaccination wen your pikin need to take.


  • Wen your pikin don reach 1 month old, remember say your pikin immunity still dey develop. So no allow oda persin dem make dem kiss your pikin for face or hand. Anybody wen wan carry am must wash him hand well well, first.
  • D best time to take breastfeed your pikin na wen he don dey find food. Make you allow am suck each of your breast well as e dey chop. You fit even wear bracelet for breastfeeding make you for fit remember d breast wen you last feed am from.
  • Your pikin still too small to sabi d difference between daytime and night time.
  • Wen your pikin dey sleep, abeg help am sleep well so you go prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Wrap your pikin well make you put am lie down for him back, no use him belle take face bed. No put anything inside him bed wen go fit suffocate am. You go fit control him bodi temperature if you wear am d correct cloth and den if you control d AC.

When fit see doktor:

If your pikin:

  • Dey lose weight quick.
  • If he dey vomit plenti after you feed am.
  • If dat soft part for him head go inside.
  • Still get jaundice
  • him temperature high pass normal.
  • Get wetin dey commot from him private part.

E dey very important make you sabi sey as your pikin dey grow, you wen be him mama and papa go dey feel some kind emotional and physical stress.

Mama wen just born go get certain expectation sey e get as she suppose dey after she don born, she fit even expect make parenthood come naturally. For some people, e dey take time make dem master dis thing wen dem dey call parenting, e dey take time make dem master d way dem body take change.

If you feel say you no dey happy or you dey get problems wen you wan relate with your husband or pikin , you fit dey suffer from post-natal depression (PND).

Call your doktor make you ask am for advice.

Lastly, make you remember say every pikin own development different. Each pikin dey special and dem dey reach some development milestone differently. Some fit quick while odas go slow, dis one no be guarantee of how any pikin future development go be.

Infographic of your 1-month-old's developmental milestones


Source: WebMD

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*Disclaimer: This is the median length and weight, and head circumference according to WHO standards)

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