Woman Tells Court How Her Husband Sleeps With A Mad Woman

Woman Tells Court How Her Husband Sleeps With A Mad Woman

An Ado Ekiti Customary Court on Friday dissolved a 14-year-old marriage between one Amaka Nwafor and her husband, Friday Nwafor. This was after 36 year old Amaka told the court how 47-year-old Nwafor, her husband sleeps with a mad woman.

Amaka, a resident of Oke-Bola in Ado-Ekiti, told the court that her husband was fond of disgracing at sight. She further alleged that her husband neglected her. The mother of four alleged that her husband would have sex with a mad woman who came for deliverance. He did this every time he took her out for prayers. She also told the court that when the lady got well, she confessed to sleeping with Friday, even though a husband of her own.

Woman Tells Court How Her Husband Sleeps With A Mad Woman

Amaka also confessed to being unfaithful in her marriage,because her husband Nwafor did not take care of her. The petitioner told the court that her husband assaulted her while carrying the pregnancy of their last child. He did this to the extent that the baby in the womb stopped kicking. It took the timely intervention of her mother-in-law to save the pregnancy.

The petitioner, 36 year old Amaka told the court how her husband threatened to hire assassins to kill her for the sum of 5,000 naira. According to the petitioner, her husband doesn't allow her take phone calls, not even from her mother. She therefore asked the court to separate them and that her husband should visit her family at her home town to decide on how to take care of his children.

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On his part, the respondent told the court how he met his wife in 2003, and how he married her traditionally. Sunday Nwafor went on to deny all the allegations his wife brought against him, describing them as false. He described his wife as adulterous,explaining how she would leave home to spend days with her lover. The respondent told the court how in his presence she received early morning calls from men.  Nwafor also agreed to the separation.

The President of the Court, Mrs Olayinka Akomolede, dissolved the marriage on the grounds of  constant domestic violence, assault and irreconcilable differences. Akomolede in her judgment also observed that the marriage had broken down irredeemably. She therefore ruled that the custody of the four children produced by the union should be awarded to the petitioner, their mother. She also ruled that the respondent pay N2,000 per child as child support. Akomolede added that both parties should be responsible for the education of their children. She then granted the respondent access to his children.

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