I want to leave my marriage because my husband is impotent, woman tells court

I want to leave my marriage because my husband is impotent, woman tells court

In Iseyin, Oyo Local Government Area, a woman named Abibat Imran told the court that she wanted to end her marriage of five years to Afeez Imran. The Grade ‘C’ Customary Court on Wednesday heard that she wanted a divorce due to impotence.

divorce due to impotence

She had first submitted the divorce suit in December 2018. She wanted her marriage with her estranged husband dissolved, she said, since she was tired of coping with his erectile dysfunction.

Divorce due to impotence

While presenting her case before the judge, Abibat Imran had this to say:

“I want to end my marriage because I need to find someone who can make me a mother since my husband obviously can’t. Afeez had no problem with sexual performance in the early years of our marriage even though we couldn’t conceive.
But his problems have worsened to the point where he can’t even have sex at all.”

“I’m tired of enduring in silence. He needs to move on and I need to move on to fulfill my dreams of becoming a mother. I have to find someone else for that.”

She said that she had already moved out of their home due to her husband’s issues.

The husband’s response to her request for divorce due to impotence

Responding to his wife’s reason for seeking a divorce, Afeez Imran did not deny the being impotent. Rather, he claimed that he was already receiving treatment for the problem. He noted in his statement that he was sure his problems would be rectified soon.

He, however, implored on the court to help him beg his estranged wife not to divorce due to impotence.

divorce due to impotence

He said:

“I don’t want her to leave me. I am already spending a lot of money to fix the issue. This court should help me beg her to stay.”

His next comments, however, showed that he expected his wife to stick with her decision to get a divorce due to impotence.

“If she wants to go ahead with the divorce, then I’d like her to return some of my things she took with her when she left me,” Afeez said.

The judgment

Chief Adelodun, who presided over the divorce due to impotencecase, voiced his displeasure over the fact that Afeez was absent during most of the proceedings. The presiding judge inferred from the evidence presented before him that the couple had fallen out of love with each other. With that, the marriage was dissolved.

What is impotence?

According to MedicineNet.com, impotence or erectile dysfunction is the consistent inability to keep an erection long enough for sexual intercourse or the inability to ejaculate.

This condition varies from person to person. For some, it is the total inability to get an erection or ejaculation. Some people with this condition do get erections but not long enough for sexual activity.

Resource: MedicineNet.com

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