Husband refuses to divorce wife until she pays him 3.5 million

Husband refuses to divorce wife until she pays him 3.5 million

Drama played out in a Gudu Grade 2 court when a businessman, Alhaji Murtala Adamu, asked the court not to start the proceedings for his wife’s request for a divorce until she paid him back the sum of 3.5 million naira. Alhaji Adamu claimed that the sum is the amount he has spent on his wife till date.

He made it known that he will not accept to divorce his wife of one year until his demands were met.

Layisatu Abubakar filed for divorce from Alhaji Murtala Adamu based on Khul—an Islamic procedure for wives who want to divorce their husbands. Khul allows a woman to leave her marriage if she returns the dowry the man had paid for her.
Adamu, while vehemently refusing to divorce Abubakar, broke down his spending on his estranged wife thus:

Dowry – NGN 80,000

Clothes and accessories – NGN 500,000

Medical bills – NGN 750,000

He also claimed that he has spent NGN 1.2 million on their wedding ceremony, which also saw him spending an exorbitant amount on the bride’s jewellery, clothes and shoes. Adamu also claimed that he stepped in to pay Abubakar’s medical bills after she had already left him.

He told the court that he wants his money back before he can consent to the divorce. He explained to the court that his estranged wife only lived with him for nine days before packing out of their matrimonial home.

On her part, Layisatu Abubakar claimed that evil spirits were responsible for her marital woes. These spirits disturbing her had made her leave her 9-day-old marriage, she said. Although she still wants to go ahead with the divorce, she claims the things Adamu bought for her are still in his house and she can’t afford to pay him back.

She has agreed to return the 80,000 naira dowry as stipulated by the divorce laws of Khul.

The case has been adjourned until July 2.

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Julie Adeboye