Man Vows To Jump Into A River If Court Doesn't Grant Him A Divorce After 40 Years Of Marriage

Man Vows To Jump Into A River If Court Doesn't Grant Him A Divorce After 40 Years Of Marriage

According to Mr Azeez, his wive's behaviour towards him is why he is desperate for a divorce.

When some unions come to an end it leaves you wondering how they began in the first place. It is not so much about their ending than how they ended. The shocking stories and the desperation shown by one or both parties to dissolve the union, sometimes in front of a court, sometimes not. You just have to ask, How did these two people manage to live together for as long as they did? 

In a manner fraught with desperation, Mr Isiaka Azeez sought an end to his 40-year marriage to Mujidat in front of a Mapo Customary court. Narrating his ordeal before Mr Ademola Odunade, the President of the court, Mr Azeez threatened to jump into a river if his wish to dissolve his marriage isn't granted by the court. According to him, his wife had been disobedient and he is fed up with her constant troubles and frequent threats to his life. 

Why Mr Azeez Is Desperate For A Divorce

Mr Azeez is desperate for a divorce

Mr Azeez, a 70 something-year-old man, said he had never enjoyed one moment of peace since his marriage to Mujidat fort years ago. Instead, the union had been littered with “sorrow and trauma.” He also stated that her attitude only changed towards his when his fortunes changed financially. 

“For over 20 years now, my cohabitation with Mujidat has been that of cat and rat because she is highly disobedient and an example of a mistaken wife.

“Her attitude suddenly changed towards me the moment she realised that things had gone bad with me financially and she started treating me with disregard.

“Then I developed diabetes and other systemic problems, but she did not take care of me.

“Worse still, Azeez continued, Mujidat told our three children to also take me as a nonentity because they neither greet me nor show me any form of respect.

“For the past one year, Mujidat had, in fact, moved away from my home.”

“If this court refuses to put an end to our union today, I prefer to go and jump into Dandaru River,” he added.

Mr Azeez’s younger brother and sister were present to confirm his story. But Mujidat denied some of the allegations brought against her, stating that Azeez had neglected her for his second wife. 


Marriages can shockingly come to an end

Stories of marriages that looked like they have survived the test of time but ended shockingly have made the news before. What is worthy of note in some of those stories is that one of the parties usually took laws into their hands. They end up killing the partner or disfiguring them. Customary courts exist to dissolve marriages if differences can't be reconciled. You mustn't take laws into your hands. 

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