Why do babies cry in the womb?

Why do babies cry in the womb?

It's for a very special reason...

Your tiny newborn comes into this world crying. But have you ever thought, do babies cry in utero? Heartbreakingly, they do, as proven recently by research. Don't get too sad, mummy, because what you also need to know is that this is normal, and a part of your baby's development.

Do babies cry in utero: What do experts say?

New research was conducted at Durham and Lancaster Universities. This research reveals that newborn babies start developing ways to communicate with us when they're in the womb. And they initially do this through crying.

The studies used ultrasound and detected the grimacing faces of the foetuses. These little ones also displayed complex eyebrow lowering and nose wrinkling. The research included studying the video of 4D scans of eight female and seven male babies in the womb.

do babies cry in utero

Dr Reissland is a senior lecturer at Durham University. According to her, the crying seems to be more related to brain development rather than feelings. But more research is required in this area.

She says: "It is not yet clear whether foetuses can actually feel pain, nor do we know whether facial expressions relate to how they feel. It's vital for infants to be able to show pain as soon as they are born so that they can communicate any distress or pain they might feel to their carers."

However, there's a need to conduct further research to establish a connection between those little crying faces and if they are feeling pain.

Do babies cry in utero: how to communicate with your unborn baby

Indulging in conscious communication with your little one can help you bond with your baby even before they are born. Here are a few useful tips to do this effectively.

1. Reading aloud or speaking to your baby is one of the easiest way to foster verbal communication. Your baby will be able to hear you from as early as 18 weeks if their hearing is developing normally. There are high chances that upon birth, they will recognise your voice.

2. Fun games that include responding to stimuli can also be a great method to develop communication. You can try tapping on your stomach and wait for your baby's response. They might kick back after your tapping. Retired obstetrician from California, Dr F. Renee Van de Carr shares that babies in the womb learn to respond to a variety of stimuli. That includes touch as well.

3. Music is another extremely effective way to communicate with your unborn child. Playing soft, slow, and soothing music communicates to your baby that you are now going to unwind. Experts share that babies slow down their movements as a response to soft music while loud music can make them kick actively or frequently.


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