Doughnut Recipe Without Yeast

Doughnut Recipe Without Yeast

You must be wondering if it is possible to still enjoy a delicious doughnut recipe without yeast. Of course, you can make sumptuous doughnuts even when you cut out yeast.

Doughnuts are super-delicious, and you can totally make a batch or two at home. Before now, the difference between doughnuts and buns was the hole in the middle. Doughnuts and buns tasted and looked the same. Now, the hole is not only the differentiating factor as you have different coatings for doughnuts now like chocolate, coconut, blueberry, apple crumb doughnuts, etc.

Most people love their doughnut recipe without yeast, but there are also many people who prefer to include this popular ingredient.

doughnut recipe without yeast

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How to make doughnuts without yeast?

To make your doughnut recipe without yeast, you need the following ingredients:

Flour – 31/2 cups
For making doughnuts, high-protein bread flour is better than all-purpose flour. This is because the former flour will make the doughnut product fluffy, but the latter will make it hard like cake.

Butter – 2 1/2 tbsp.
When mixed well with egg and sugar, butter gives the product a smooth texture and body. Mixing butter can be very stressful especially if you are mixing by hand. And while mixing the butter, it is important to maintain one pattern. This is to say that if you are mixing it in a clockwise direction, you should not mix it in an anticlockwise direction. It will make the doughnut lose its continuity. It is better to get a mixer.

Eggs – 3 eggs, beaten
Just like the butter, eggs help to make the doughnut gummy. Eggs gum the batter together so that it can be formed into any shape. Eggs also give it structure.

Baking powder – 4 tbsp.
This helps the batter to rise. Baking powder ensures that you don’t end up with doughs that are even flatter than biscuits. You can use baking soda if you want because it is much stronger than baking powder. Baking powder or soda is an alternative to yeast when making your doughnut recipe without yeast.

Doughnut Recipe Without Yeast

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Oil – enough for deep frying
Oil is used for frying the dough. The best oil to use is vegetable oil. Some people use a brush to rub oil or butter on the dough after moulding it before they fry it. Note that oil can be reused for up to five times. After using the oil, store it in a separate container from the container for the unused oil.

Sugar – 1 cup
Sugar will sweeten a doughnut recipe without yeast. It also creates tenderness in the doughnut. You can use it to coat the final product. Use superfine sugar because it mixes easily with dry ingredients. Alternatively, you can mix your granulated sugar with water. It will help the doughnut not to dry out too quickly.

Salt – 1 1/2 tsp
Salt regulates the flavor and dries up excess water in the yeast—if there is yeast. But in the case where there is no yeast, salt adds taste to the dough.

Milk – I cup
Milk makes the doughnut taste sweeter and creamier.

Tools for making doughnut without yeast

Frying pan
Flat surface or chopping board
Bowl to mix the batter
Dough cutter
Rolling pin

doughnut recipe without yeast

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Directions for doughnut recipe without yeast

1. Put the sugar and milk in a bowl and dissolve with a spoon. Set this aside

2. Put butter and whisked egg, mix and set aside

3. Put your baking powder, salt, and flour in your mixing bowl and mix

4. Add 1 to 2 and mix together in one direction, clockwise or anticlockwise, to form a batter.

5. Add a little water and mix to create consistency

6. Pour 2 into 5 and mix

7. Knead the dough until it becomes stretchy and cover with a cloth for one hour to enable it to rise

8. Rub flour on a flat surface and roll your dough on it. Don’t make it too flat like you would do to chin-chin

9. Cut them into circles using the dough cutter, a cup, bowl or any circle-surfaced item. Use a smaller circle object to make the hole in the middle—if you want a hole in it

10. Rub flour on a pan and drop 9 on it one after the other

11. Pour the oil in the frying pan and heat it. You can add a bulb of onion to make it have a special taste and aroma

12. Fry until the doughnut is golden brown. Too brown means it is burnt

12. Put the doughnut on a paper towel or sieve to drain out excess oil

13. Rub 12 in sugar or coconut powder or coat with chocolate—depending on how you like it


Enjoy your doughnuts recipe without yeast!


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