If You Get Belle, Run For These Things Wey Fit Spoil Belle

If You Get Belle, Run For These Things Wey Fit Spoil Belle

We don come tell you some bad things wey fit cause miscarriage. If you get belle, run for them, they fit spoil your belle. Abeg na pikin we want.

You wan know the bad bad things dem wey fit spoil belle? These things ehn, you go need run for them o! Dey read dey go make you sabi how you fit protect yourself as you get belle so.

Wetin be miscarriage?

If You Get Belle, Run For These Things Wey Fit Spoil Belle
Miscarriage, or unexpected abortion, na when belle spoil for the first 20 weeks wey woman carry belle. Miscarriage fit happen because of some kain medical conditions wey bin dey hide inside body. As e be, sometimes the woman wey get belle fit dey do some tins wey she no suppose dey do wen she get belle. And these things fit cause miscarriage.

Sign for take sabi miscarriage

If You Get Belle, Run For These Things Wey Fit Spoil Belle
Plenty sign dey wey fit make woman know say belle wey she carry don spoil. Even if you dey obey all the things wey doctor tell you, if you see any of the sign abeg go see doctor. E go help you avoid make your belle no spoil.

1. Show

Show na de pinkish mucus wey dey give signal for woman sey time for labour don dey near. If you come see dis tin before the belle enta 20th week, e fit be sign of miscarriage.

2. Pain

As labour be, woman fit notice small small pain for her belle when she just get belle. But the thing fit dey serious as the belle dey grow. The pain dey always worry the lower abdomen and back pass, and e fit come as lower waist pain.

3. Bleeding

Bleeding fit start small small and before you know am e don turn heavy flow with tick tick blood. Once you don notice belle pain and spottings—na im be drop of thick block for underwear—make de woman sharperly go see dokito to avoid miscarriage.

4. Fever and Weakness

Sey person get fever no be sign sey she fit get miscarriage, but if de fever come gather waka with other signs wey we don talk about, den de woman wey get belle suppose show concern.

Causes of miscarriage

If You Get Belle, Run For These Things Wey Fit Spoil Belle
Below you go find tins wey you suppose avoid wen you get belle wey fit cause miscarriage. Even though woman wey get belle no go fit control most of dese tins, she fit learn to manage dese if dem dey present.


Fibroids na harmless, noncancerous, abnormal grow grow inside woman uterus. If de fibroid near de centre of de woman uterus where de baby dey, den miscarriage fit happen. Also, de size of de fibroid fit affect de belle.
If you get fibroids, make you try check with dokito wen you get plan to born pikin. Fibroids fit come with menstruation wey dey painful, menstruation wey dey pass de normal duration, and lower back pain. If you don dey notice any of dese symptoms, check with your dokito before you get belle.
Abeg, put am for mind sey parent fit transfer fibroids to dem pikin. So, if you get any family member wey don suffer from fibroids, make you go for medical checkup. Biggi body and early puberty too fit cause am.


Some infections like toxoplasmosis (wey dey inside cat shit), rubella, and chlamydia, fit make miscarriages happen. Some of dem dey come with signs and others no dey get any sign at all. E dey proper make you go for checkup once once so you go dey for safe side always.


If you no dey feel fine, sometin wey fit happen within de first three months wen belle enter and your temperature dey hot like water wey dem put for fire, abeg go see your dokito. If temperature reach 38.90c or e pass am e fit affect pikin wey dey inside.


People wey get disease for dem heart, liver, kidney abi dose wey get hormonal diseases, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, etc., dey dey expose to miscarriages. If you get any of dem diseases and you wan get belle, den you suppose dey under de watch of correct medical personnel.
Dis one no go allow de tin wey dey worry you to harm de pikin wey dey inside. Your dokito fit manage as you go dey use your drug make e no go harm your pikin.


Woman wey don pass 35 years for age go dey likely to get miscarriage. Na geriatric pregnancy dem dey call belle wey don pass de age of 35, and medical personnel suppose dey monitor dis kind belle wella.

Previous miscarriages

If we dey compare person wey don get before and who never get, e possible make person wey don get miscarriage before get am again. Dis one also true for people wey get miscarriage wey dem no check well or treat well.
Tins wey you suppose avoid wen you get belle wey fit cause miscarriage fit also include lifestyle options and food. Some choice wey you fit make wey fit cause miscarriage:

Drug use

If you dey take hard drugs like cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and heroin dem fit cause miscarriage. Hard drugs no good at all wen you get belle.


Smoking fit terminate your belle. Na like dis smoking fit harm pikin wey dem never born: In de first trimester, if de mama dey smoke or dey inhale smoke e fit cause chromosomal problems wey fit turn to miscarriage.

Improper food hygiene

Meat wey dem no cook or de one wey dem no cook wella fit contain bacteria wey dem dey call listeria. Listeria fit cause miscarriages. Also, e fit make de woman wey get belle dey very sick with food poisoning, dis one too dey risky for d pikin wey dey inside belle.


Dis one na one of dem major tins wey you suppose avoid wen you get belle as e fit cause miscarriage. No be only miscarriage all dem alcoholic drinks fit cause, e fit even harm de pikin and affect as pikin go take grow like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).


Woman wey get belle suppose dey rest well well. Stress dey very harmful for de health of mama and de growth of de pikin.

Improper child spacing

If you leave plenty gap till before you born another pikin or if you no leave space before you born another one, dese tins fit cause miscarriage. If you no leave space, like three months after you don born, e no go allow your body rest from stress wey dey come with giving birth. De body go dey too loaded with stress and de mama fit miscarry. No be only dat, woman need to recover well well from miscarriage wey don happen early before she get belle again.

Air pollution and unsanitary living conditions

If you dey inhale air wey dey polluted too much, e fit cause miscarriage- example na nitrogen dioxide wey dey come from gas or coals wey dem burn. Make sure to stay inside area wey get enough room for air. Make you no dey live inside places wey fit make you get infections.
If you stay away from dese tins wey you suppose avoid wen you get belle, hope wey high dey sey you go born pikin wey dey kampe!

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Written by

Tony S Abiodun