How To Take Sabi Belle Wey Don Spoil After 2 Weeks

How To Take Sabi Belle Wey Don Spoil After 2 Weeks

This tori go help you sabi wetin dey cause the early miscarriage, e go show you wetin for do make e nor happen give you. Read am make you get sense.

Ini don get reach six miscarriages. Inside all the six miscarriage, at least four naim quick happen before 2 weeks, even before she know sey she don carry belle. She no see any miscarriage sign say problem dey 2 weeks after belle don enter. Or e fit just be say she no pay attention to dem signs. Miscarriage dey show face during the first trimester (week 1 to week 12). E reach one percent of belle wey dey spoil when e reach 20-weeks wey de belle don dey. Oyibo dey call am stillbirth.

Prisca Obi MD, wey be Obstetrician for University of Uyo Teaching Hospital talk say For plenty woman, the miscarriage dey be like bad dream. E dey take the woman dem time before dem accept wetin happen. She think say na because sey women no dey quick understand all de boku things wey dey happen when belle don enta. If any of the stage of belle no go well, miscarriage fit happen and the belle go spoil.

Wetin dey too cause miscarriage wey dey comot 2 weeks belle?

How To Take Sabi Belle Wey Don Spoil After 2 Weeks

Many people dey believe say na orgasm, exercise, stress for work and marriage kwanta dey cause the early miscarriage. But no be so. Prisca talk say some woman dey cry come meet her. She dey tell people say those kain miscarriage na the way wey body dey take comot pikin wey no dey develop well for belle. She say she go talk about other tins wey fit cause miscarriage. But wetin dey important be sey no be dem fault say the miscarriage happen. And many of the miscarriages no be wetin person fit stop.

Five common sign wey dey show early miscarriage

How To Take Sabi Belle Wey Don Spoil After 2 Weeks

No be new tin sey woman dey miscarry belle and dem fit no see any sign. Some time sef, dem no go even see blood before or after the miscarriage. Be as e be, many women dey experience all or some of the sign dem:

Inside belle go dey pain you

This one dey two types. Some go dey roll for ground for belle pain, some na just small belle pain dem dey feel. Na one of the signs wey all dem pregnant women no suppose ignore. Go see your doctor if you dey get belle pain when you just get belle. E fit be bad sign.

Belle go dey turn you and u fit dey vomit join

Dem dey mistake dis one for morning sickness but belle turning or vomiting fit be one of dem early sign say 2 weeks belle don spoil. As e good to dey get high hope about your belle, e also dey important make you know sey vomiting fit be sign say your belle don spoil.

Light pinkish mucus

If you dey troway light pink mucus wey thick like pap, doctor go need investigate. E go check to see whether you dey show any of the other sign of early miscarriage.

Things wey be like tissue or thick blood

Na dis one common pass for early miscarriage symptoms. Some woman dey quick notice sey dem vagina dey discharge thick blood and tissue. This one na sure sign say your body dey try comot the foetus. If you experience dis kain symptom, make you do quick contact your doctor or midwife.

Pregnancy sign go just disappear just like dat

Sometimes, morning sickness and oversensitivity for de breasts na good signs. Dem be sign sey your belle dey alright. When all dem symptoms of pregnancy suddenly disappear, e fit be sign say the belle don spoil.

Small or serious belle or back pain

Belle wey spoil for two week fit copy labour signs too. Dis na because you dey for mini-labour too. The difference be say you never carry your belle reach full term or the baby never reach 20 weeks of gestation. Belle and back pains for the first 12 weeks of gestation fit be bad sign. Go see dokito if you experience dis or any of the signs wey we mention before.

Sense to take prevent belle to spoil

How To Take Sabi Belle Wey Don Spoil After 2 Weeks

People wey sabi believe say we nor fit stop some miscarriage make dem for no happen. Be as e be, e dey help if we know wetin fit make am happen.

When Ini go visit doctor wey dey treat woman, she come discover sey na low progesterone level dey cause all her miscarriages. Progesterone na hormone for body wey dey help woman for belle. Other things wey dey cause miscarriage and wey we fit avoid na-

  • thyroid imbalance
  • blood clotting disorder or
  • unhealthy lifestyle choices (like smoking, alcohol abuse and drug abuse).

See how you fit prevent unexpected abortion

• Avoid drugs wey fit cause miscarriage. Read the paper wey dey inside the drug wey dem prescribe for you before you use am. Check with your dokito before you take any drugs. Many drug wey dey cure malaria and typhoid fit cause miscarriages, stillbirths and deformity for babies.

• Maintain body weight wey dey healthy.

• Prepare your body for childbirth. Dey take de amounts of prenatal vitamins and minerals wey dem recommend for you. Examples of dem na B vitamins, folic acid and Vitamin C.

• No allow sexually transmitted infections. If you don catch STI, take steps to treat them before you born.

How To Take Sabi Belle Wey Don Spoil After 2 Weeks

Final thoughts on top early miscarriage symptoms 2 weeks inside belle

Miscarriage be like heavy blow, but dat one no mean sey world don end. Women dey born plenty babies even after dem don get one or more miscarriages before.

“After your belle don spoil, go hospital do medical check-up. Make you guard your mind make your body dey kampe. Mourn, if e go help you dey okay, ” na so Prisca Obi talk.

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Tony S Abiodun